Rates as Low as 2.9% on New 2022 Trucks & SUVs at Gary Crossley Ford


There they go again!

The fat cat bankers and bureaucrats at the Federal Reserve just threw more fuel on the fire and pushed interest rates even higher.

US News & World Reports  says that new auto loans right now have an average APR finance rate of almost 9%, and that’s for customers with squeaky clean, darn near perfect credit histories. For car buyers with a not-so-perfect credit report, loan rates can climb above 20%.

That’s the highest auto loan rates have been in a decade and a half

Average Auto Loan Rates in November 2022
Source: US News & World Reports

Get truck and SUV loans as low as 2.9% on new 2022 Trucks & SUVs at Gary Crossley Ford

Don’t let the fat cats win!

Every time someone pays too much money to finance a new vehicle, the bankers and bureaucrats stand up and do a little dance, but Gary Crossley Ford knows how to sit them down fast.

Discount finance rates on new Fords.

With discounted rates on new Fords as low as 2.9% on select models, you could save thousands of dollars over the full term of your vehicle loan.

Special discount financing is available this month on both 2022 & 2023 models.

November 2022 F 150 Incentives 1
November 2022 Edge Incentives 1
November 2022 Explorer Incentives Copy 3 1
November 2022 Escape Incentives Copy 6 1
November 2022 Ranger Incentives Copy 5 1
November 2022 Expedition Incentives Copy 4 1
November 2022 Bronco Sport Incentives Copy 2 1
November 2022 Mustang Incentives Copy 1

Get auto loan rates as low as 3.9% when you pre-order new 2023 Fords.

We’ll lock in the rate and pay you an additional $500 bucks to pre-order any of these 2023 models.

  • Mustang
  • Explorer
  • Expedition
  • Ranger
  • F-150


With the Ford APR rate lock of 3.9% for 60 months, you’ll be enjoying lower truck payments and that sweet, sweet smell of free money for five full years no matter how high the fat cats raise the interest rates between now and when your custom-ordered, built-with-you-in-mind car, truck, or SUV arrives.

November 2023 F 150 Incentive 1
November 2023 Expedition Incentive 1
November 2023 Bronco Sport Incentive 1
November 2023 Escape Incentive 1
November 2023 Expedition Incentive 1 (1)
November 2023 Ranger Incentive 1
November 2023 Edge Incentive 1
November 2023 Mach E Incentive 1
November 2023 Mustang Incentive 1

No matter what condition your condition is in, Gary Crossley Ford has finance options for you.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, the happy-to-help pros here at Gary Crossley Ford will do whatever it takes to make it possible for you to drive home happy behind the wheel of your new ride.

Customers can lower their monthly payments by as much as 18% thanks to Ford’s Flex Buy vehicle financing program. The lower monthly payments last for the first three years of the loan term allowing participants time to graduate from school, get a raise, pay off other debt, or get a better-paying job.

We work with hundreds of bankers and finance companies every single day to make sure you can get the ride, the payment, and the 5-star vehicle buying and ownership experience the people around here have come to expect from us.

That’s the Crossley Difference



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