Gary Crossley Ford Vehicle Protection Plans

Gary Crossley Ford is here for you. We’re pleased to offer programs that can protect your vehicle and your investment.

GAP Coverage IconGAP Coverage

GAPCoverage protects the difference between your insurance payout and finance balance in case your Ford is stolen or declared a total loss. (subject to program terms)


car protectionFord Protect PremiumCARE

 Ford Protect PremiumCARE helps protect you from the cost of unforeseen events after your New Vehicle Limited Warranty has expired.


Car with wrenchFord Protect Premium Maintenance Plan

The Ford Protect Premium Maintenance includes multi-point inspections, preventive care, and replacement of typical wear and tear items that need regular attention.



GAPCoverage: The Safety Net for Car Buyers

When purchasing a new or used car, many customers take out a loan to pay for the vehicle. However, unexpected events such as theft or an accident can render a car damaged beyond repair. In these situations, the market value of the car is often less than the outstanding loan amount, leaving the customer responsible for paying off the remaining balance. This can be a significant financial burden, especially for those who are already stretched thin. This is where Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Coverage comes into play.

GAPCoverage covers the difference between the market value of the car and the outstanding loan amount in the event of theft or total loss. Essentially, it acts as a safety net for car buyers, protecting them from owing more money than the car is worth. Without GAPCoverage, a customer could be left paying thousands of dollars for a car that is no longer usable.

In addition to covering the difference between the market value and loan amount, GAPCoverage also often includes additional benefits such as waived deductibles and rental car coverage. These added perks can provide peace of mind during a stressful and potentially costly time.

It is important to note that GAPCoverage is typically not included in a standard auto insurance policy. Customers must purchase this coverage separately, and it is usually offered by the car dealership or lender. While GAPCoverage is an added expense, it can be well worth it for those who are worried about potential financial losses in the event of theft or total loss.

In conclusion, GAPCoverage can provide customers with added protection and peace of mind when purchasing a new or used car. By covering the difference between the market value and loan amount, GAPCoverage can help customers avoid financial hardship in the event of theft or total loss.

GAPCoverage is designed to protect your investment. Your Coverage company may not pay enough to satisfy what you owe in the event of a total loss or if your Ford is stolen. GAPCoverage will help ensure you don’t owe money on a vehicle you no longer own. 


Ford offers two different types of coverage: GAPCoverage and GAPAdvantage. 


Ford offers its GAPCoverage protection for new and used vehicles in terms of up to 96 months. Personal-use vehicles (up to 12,500 lbs. GVWR) with financing up to $125,000 can receive coverage, and you also get up to $1,000 toward your deductible (except in Alaska). 


GAPAdvantage takes things a step further and helps get you back on the road. It offers all the features of GAPCoverage plus $1,000 toward the cost of a replacement vehicle from Gary Crossley Ford.


GAPCoverage/GAPAdvantage does not provide benefits when loss or damage occurs:

  • Due to fraud or intentional damage by you
  • Prior to the total loss date
  • Outside the U.S. or Canada
  • After the redemption period following a repossession
  • Due to legal confiscation by a public official
  • If licensed, registered/titled in a business name or used for business, or has a salvage title

Additional Exclusions include:

  • Late charges, delinquent payments, and deferred payments
  • Various refundable amounts are due to you for early cancellation of financed products
  • Termination and disposition fees
  • Additional limitations apply. Be sure to review all limitations outlined on your GAP addendum.

Ford Protect PremiumCARE

Ford Protect PremiumCARE: The Ultimate Solution for Your Ford’s Protection

As a Ford owner, you know that your vehicle comes with a factory warranty. But what happens after that coverage expires? That’s where Ford Protect PremiumCARE comes into play. This comprehensive service contract offers peace of mind protection for your investment, ensuring that you stay on the road for years to come.

With more than 1000 covered components and coverage for up to 8 years or 150,000 miles, Ford Protect PremiumCARE offers the most comprehensive protection available. Major repairs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars, but with this extended service plan, you won’t have to worry about the cost.

The latest Ford vehicles come equipped with high-tech components such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot detection, and backup cameras, which enhance the driving experience but can also make repairs more complicated and costly. With Ford Protect PremiumCARE, you can relax knowing that these advanced systems are covered.

In addition to repair coverage, Ford Protect PremiumCARE offers a range of benefits to make your life easier. With 24-hour roadside assistance, you’ll never be stranded. If you need a rental vehicle while your Ford is being repaired, the plan covers towing, emergency travel expenses, and rental benefits.

Customize your plan to fit your needs and budget with optional benefits such as lighting protection and key services coverage. Ford Protect PremiumCARE is transferable to a new vehicle owner, making it a smart investment for the future.

Backed 100% by Ford Motor Company, Ford Protect PremiumCARE is the only extended service plan that uses Ford-certified techs and authorized parts. With service locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico, you can rest assured that you’ll receive top-notch service no matter where you go.

For ultimate peace of mind, insist on Ford Protect PremiumCARE – the extended service plan designed specifically for Ford owners.

Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan

Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan: A Comprehensive Solution for Your Ford

When you purchase a Ford vehicle, you want to ensure it stays in top shape for years to come. The Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive solution that covers multi-point inspections, preventive care, and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items that require periodic attention.

The plan provides peace of mind, knowing that your Ford will receive the best possible care. The multi-point inspections cover a wide range of items to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly. During these inspections, technicians will check the brakes, steering and suspension, tires, battery, and more.

In addition to the inspections, preventive care is also included in the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan. This includes routine services such as oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid top-offs. By taking care of these items early, you can avoid bigger problems down the road and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

The plan also covers the replacement of typical wear and tear items, such as spark plugs, belts, hoses, and more. These items are subject to normal wear and tear and need to be replaced periodically to keep your Ford in top shape. The Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan takes care of these items, so you don’t have to worry about the cost or inconvenience.

In conclusion, the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan is a comprehensive solution that covers multi-point inspections, preventive care, and replacement of typical wear and tear items. It provides peace of mind knowing that your Ford will receive the best possible care and will keep running smoothly for years to come.