Veteran Discounts & Benefits at Gary Crossley Ford

Veteran Discount

First off, thank you.

Some of you joined the military to see the world. Some of you joined for the job training and benefits. Some of you joined out of deep-seated, long-standing family traditions, patriotism, duty, and honor. And a few of you joined up because Uncle Sam sent you a post card that said you didn’t have a choice.

However you got there, however you served, whether you were flying helicopters or peeling potatoes, we appreciate your service and we appreciate you. Thank you.

At Gary Crossley Ford we’ve got a special place in our hearts for veterans. Veterans are some of our best, most loyal customers. America loves Ford trucks, but you veterans love Ford trucks almost as much as we do. 

Maybe that’s because so many of us who work at the dealership served as well. From turning wrenches in the back, to the frontlines of the sales floor, to the big offices with the big chairs, Gary Crossley Ford hires a lot of veterans because veterans know how to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Thanks again.

Gary Crossley Ford has $500 in bonus cash discounts for active-duty military, veterans, and retirees.

So one day a year to honor veterans doesn’t cut it, and a quick “Thank you for your service” in line at the Hy-vee just isn’t good enough. 

365 days a year, we offer military appreciation cash to help our heroes through Ford’s Military Recognition program.

Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines. Coast Guard. National Guard.

If you’re on active duty now, on a delayed enlistment program getting ready to join, retired from active duty, or you’ve left the service in the last two years we’ve got $500 in free money waiting on you.

Career training & job opportunities for veterans at Gary Crossley Ford

We’ll sell you a new truck, sure. But what we’d really like to do for the veterans around Liberty and Kansas City is to offer you a new life.

We know you know how to get things done. How to follow a system to achieve optimum results. And unlike a lot of people applying for a job these days, you know that on time means on time, preferably 5 minutes early.

We have six-figure career opportunities available in both the sales and service departments even if you’ve never sold a car or turned a wrench before. We’ll train you.

The Ford Veteran Careers Program is an authorized apprenticeship that allows veterans to receive two years of on-the-job training leading to certification as Ford Chasis Technicians. That’ll let you walk into any Ford dealership in the world and get a job on the spot, but we hope you’ll stay right here with us.

Experience the Crossley Difference

Once you’re a part of the family, you’re family. Period

We like our employees to stick around because our customers tend to stick around when they see the same smiling faces time and time again over the years.  Happy employees create happy customers.

So yeah, thank you for your service and happy Veterans Day, but we’re dead serious about helping you build a better life whether it’s a $500 discount on a new F150 or helping you get started in a new post-service career. We’d love for you to be a part of the family.

*Military Exclusive Cash Reward (PGM#38320) is available to active members, retirees, veterans within 24 months of separation of an eligible military branch, spouses/surviving spouses and other household members who are U.S. residents. This program provides a $500 Exclusive Cash Reward on the purchase or lease of eligible new 2021/2022/2023 Ford vehicles. Not available on Ford Mustang® Shelby® GT500®, Mustang Mach 1, Ford GT, F-150® Raptor®, F-150 Lightning™, Bronco®, Mustang Mach-E®. May be used with other Ford public offers. Limit 5 purchases or leases. U.S. residents only. Take new retail delivery from Gary Crossley Ford’s stock by January 3, 2023. Ford reserves the right to change, modify or discontinue this program at any time. Contact Gary Crossley Ford for complete details and eligibility.



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