Thanksgiving Message to Our Customers from #MyKCFord

Crossley thank you

You make everything we do possible. You feed our families. You pay our mortgages. You’re the giblets in our gravy! Thank you so much.

Just a word of warning as you head off to spend the holiday with your family:

No family is perfect. Somewhere in someone’s house this Thanksgiving, somebody is going to cook the turkey too long. Someone didn’t cook it long enough. Someone’s brother-in-law is going to bring up that thing that he wasn’t supposed to mention, and someone’s weird uncle is going to make someone’s new love interest feel really uncomfortable. 

And there will be a plumbing incident. Trust us on this.

This is just a friendly reminder that through all the drama, all the politics, and through the entire parade and that godforsaken dog show that has to be on for some unknown reason (when there’s a perfectly good football game going on right now!) let’s try to remember why we are gathered here today, dearly beloved.

Thanksgiving Day, Autumn Feast

Make this Thanksgiving about an attitude of gratitude 

Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey & dressing, pilgrim’s pride, and carbing up for your Black Friday marathon.

It’s a national day of Thanksgiving. A chance to count your blessing. A moment to pause and remember how much those people gathered around the table mean to you.

This year, as our Gary Crossley team members gather with their families at home, each one of us will say a silent prayer of thanks for you while we’re counting our blessings.

From the technicians and service writers, from the sales team and customer experience reps. The managers, and bookkeepers, and title clerks, and lot porters,

And the Crossley family

By trusting us to provide transportation for your family, you support our families, hundreds of us. You put the turkey on the table.

Thank you.



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