Ford Edge Triumphs Over Chevy Blazer in Consumer Reports’ Latest Review

Why Consumer Reports Prefers Ford Edge Over Chevy Blazer

As the Ford Edge approaches its final production year in March 2024, it continues to garner praise, recently earning another nod from Consumer Reports. Long a favorite of the organization, the Edge has been consistently recognized for its value, performance, and reliability, distinguishing itself as one of the best SUVs for under $40k. 


Consumer Reports’ latest evaluation of popular mid-size crossovers/SUVs further solidifies the Edge’s reputation. This regular feature doesn’t just look at sales figures; it rigorously assesses vehicles based on testing results, owner surveys, reliability, and safety features. And once again, the Ford Edge emerges as a superior choice, particularly when compared to the Chevy Blazer. 


The Blazer, despite its style and comfort, falls short in critical areas. It scores just 60 out of 100 in Consumer Reports’ review, marred by below-average reliability and poor predicted owner satisfaction. The Blazer’s focus on aesthetics over utility, along with its lackluster power and fuel economy, make it a vehicle to avoid, according to Consumer Reports. 

In stark contrast, the 2024 Ford Edge shines as a top contender. It boasts above-average predicted reliability and excellent road test scores. Consumer Reports describes the Edge as a “roomy and capable SUV,” noting its smooth acceleration, quiet operation, spacious interior, isolated cabin, and a plethora of standard features. The Edge not only meets but exceeds expectations, offering a blend of performance, comfort, and utility that outperforms rivals like the Chevy Blazer. 


As the Edge heads into its final model year, it leaves a legacy of excellence and reliability, a testament to Ford’s commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. For those in the market for a mid-size crossover/SUV, the Ford Edge remains a top recommendation from Gary Crossley Ford, a vehicle that delivers on all fronts in Kansas City and beyond. 


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