Why the 2024 Ford Edge Remains a Consumer Favorite

The 2024 Ford Edge A Final Tribute to a Classic

The Ford Edge, a name synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and American craftsmanship, continues to make waves despite the news of its impending discontinuation. As Ford gears up to replace this beloved model with a pair of all-electric alternatives, the legacy of the Edge, particularly the 2024 model, remains untarnished, celebrated by many, including the esteemed Consumer Reports. 

2024 Ford Edge SUV

Over the years, Consumer Reports has consistently recognized the Ford Edge as one of the top contenders in the crossover/SUV category for those seeking quality under $40k. It’s praised for its blend of reliability, fuel efficiency, and being a product of American ingenuity. The Edge has been recommended over competitors like the Chevy Blazer, highlighting its superior qualities. 

2024 Ford Edge SUV

The 2024 Ford Edge, specifically, stands out in Consumer Reports’ latest accolades, securing its spot once again among the most reliable and fuel-efficient crossovers/SUVs available. This recognition is noteworthy, given the crowded and competitive mid-size crossover/SUV market. The Edge excels not only as a family-friendly vehicle, capable of transporting smaller families and their gear with ease, but also as a versatile utility vehicle and the ideal companion for tailgating adventures. 

2024 Ford Edge SUV

Consumer Reports’ specific list, which acknowledges mid-size crossovers with two and three rows, is based on comprehensive testing. To qualify, a vehicle must achieve average or better predicted reliability scores, return at least 21 miles per gallon, perform well in road tests, and come equipped with numerous safety features. The 2024 Ford Edge meets these criteria with flying colors, further cementing its reputation as a pleasant and well-rounded SUV. 

2024 Ford Edge SUV

Driving the Edge feels akin to steering a more upscale model, thanks to its exceptional driving manners and tranquil cabin environment. While the critique regarding the left-side footrest being too close to the driver persists, it’s a minor flaw in an otherwise exemplary vehicle. 

2024 Ford Edge SUV

As we at Gary Crossley Ford  bid farewell to the Ford Edge, its legacy as a highly awarded and respected vehicle endures. Its accomplishments serve as a benchmark for what consumers desire in a mid-size crossover: reliability, fuel efficiency, and a suite of safety features, all wrapped up in an enjoyable driving experience. 



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