Ford Bronco Now Available with X-Plan Pricing: What You Need to Know

Ford Bronco Now Available with X-Plan Pricing

In a significant shift for Ford enthusiasts, the sixth-generation Ford Bronco, launched in 2020 for the 2021 model year, is now eligible for X-Plan pricing. This change marks a departure from the previous strategy, where no discounts were offered due to high demand and production challenges. 

Ford Bronco

Historically, X-Plan pricing has been accessible to a specific group of customers: extended family, friends, or suppliers of Ford employees. However, the Ford Bronco, along with several other popular models, was previously excluded from this opportunity. This was also true for A-Plan, Z-Plan, and D-Plan pricing, particularly for special variants like the First Edition, Heritage Limited Edition, and Raptor. 

Ford Bronco

The recent eligibility for X-Plan pricing for the Ford Bronco indicates a significant shift in Ford’s marketing and sales approach. However, the specifics of this new eligibility remain unclear. As reported by Bronco Nation, it’s not confirmed if special variants of the Bronco are included in this pricing scheme. Additionally, as when this article has been published the official Ford Motor Company Bronco FAQ page has not been updated to reflect this change, and Gary Crossley Ford is still awaiting detailed documentation for Ford.

Ford Bronco

Despite these uncertainties, the potential for cost savings with X-Plan pricing cannot be ignored. Typically, X-Plan pricing is a pre-determined amount based on dealer invoices or A-Plan pricing, sometimes including a four percent discount plus a $150 admin fee. 

This development is not just about pricing; it reflects the dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the evolving strategies of major players like Ford. As the supply of the Ford Bronco stabilizes, Ford’s decision to include it in the X-Plan pricing could attract a broader range of Gary Crossley Ford customers, making this iconic SUV more accessible to a wider audience in the Kansas City area and beyond. 



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