Everyone is Now Invited to Experience the Adventure of the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo


Exciting news from the world of rugged adventure: the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo, which has been gaining popularity since the arrival of the sixth-generation Ford Bronco, is now open to everyone! That’s right, you no longer need to be an owner or order holder of specific Bronco models to get in on the action. 

The Off-Roadeo has been growing and evolving, opening up new locations and experiences. Initially, it was an exclusive event for Bronco and Ford Bronco Sport Badlands owners. But guess what? They’ve now included all Bronco Sport trims, the high-octane Ford Bronco Raptor at its own unique venue, and even certain pre-owned models. Plus, if you’ve been to the Off-Roadeo before, you’re welcome to relive the excitement! 

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo

The Off-Road Connect experience is particularly cool, letting owners bring their own SUVs for some expert-guided off-roading fun. And now, with the launch of a brand-new offering, the Off-Roadeo is welcoming the general public to experience the thrill. 

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo

Here’s the scoop on the latest addition – the “Half Day Experience.” While it’s a shorter adventure compared to the full 10-hour day that owners enjoy, it packs in plenty of excitement. For four exhilarating hours, participants will navigate diverse terrains, learn essential off-roading skills like line selection, throttle control, and maintaining traction. Plus, you’ll immerse yourself in the Bronco brand’s rich culture and history. 

Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo

The Half Day Experience starts at $795 per vehicle, allowing for a driver and up to three guests. It’s available at Mt. Potosi in Las Vegas, Moab in Utah, and Horseshoe Bay in Texas. If you’re itching to get behind the wheel and hit the trails, booking your adventure is just a few clicks away.

Contact Clark Hewitt, here at Gary Crossley Ford for more information or start the process yourself by clicking the “Book Your Adventure!” blue oval below. We’ll see you on the trail.



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