Unlock Your Potential as an Automotive Technician at Gary Crossley Ford

Bryce Reeves Gary Crossley Ford Technician

When he was fresh out of Liberty North High School, Bryce Reeves’ Mom encouraged him to apply for a lot porter position at Gary Crossley Ford where she worked. She liked it there, thought it was a good place to work, and thought he might find a home there.

Always trust your Mom.

Bryce had briefly worked at a different dealership in Kansas City, and the difference between Gary Crossley Ford and working at the other “mom and pop shop” was like night and day

The pay is better. The working conditions are better. And the opportunities are in a whole different universe!

Gary Crossley Ford technician

Gary Crossley Ford Will Train You For A Long-Term Career In Automotive Technology

“One of the things that our dealership has always done is rewarded their technicians for training,” says Rick Wolpers who trains up-and-coming technicians on the art, craft, and business of auto repair. 

“Most stores have one or two Senior Master Techs. Gary Crossley Ford has 13 Senior Master Technicians, the highest level of training you can get in Ford Motor Company, and the others are Master Techs actively working towards becoming Senior Master Technicians” 

For the record, those Senior Master Technicians can easily clear over $100,000 a year keeping the wheels turning in Kansas City. Well over six figures.

That’s the career path Bryce Reeves is on now.

After working as a porter and then learning the ropes changing oil and rotating tires in the Quicklane department, Bryce is now an apprentice technician working toward his certification and learning to solve bigger problems.

When you can solve bigger problems, you get bigger checks.

Gary Crossley Ford Is Hiring People Who Love Helping Other People Solve Their Problems

The old saying is that you hire for potential and train for skillset; That’s how it works at Gary Crossley.

We offer a different career path for technically gifted students other than IT or a student-loan-fueled university degree. Rick Wolpers was a 4.0 student when he left a trail of guidance counselors weeping and wailing after he chose to pursue a career in auto repair over an engineering degree. It turned out OK for him.

Rick says while the job is rewarding financially, the work itself is its own reward. It’s like solving a puzzle. You have to rise to new challenges every day. You look under the hood, diagnose what’s actually happening in there, and then fix the problem. When people can’t get from here to there the way they need to, it’s a problem in their lives.  The automotive technicians a Gary Crossley Ford help make lives better. 

You just can’t beat that.

Gary Crossley Ford technicians

Join the Team and Experience the Crossley Difference

The gratitude you feel from customers is just the tip of the iceberg.

When your bosses show the same level of appreciation, that’s when you know you’ve found a job that can be a career, a workplace that can be a home.

“A little bit of appreciation goes a long way,” says Bryce, and he definitely feels it at Gary Crossley Ford. That’s the Crossley Difference

Since he came to work here, Bryce has bought a home, started a family, and gone from keeping the parking lots clean to a career that will provide literally millions of dollars for his family over the coming years.

Millions of dollars.

If that sound like something you might be interested in, pick up the phone, and let’s see how you can get started today!



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