Meet Lisa Garcia, Internet Sales Manager at Gary Crossley Ford

Lisa Garcia at Gary Crossley Ford

It sounds like the stuff of legend, the makings of myth.

A single mom, a little down on her luck and without a vehicle, takes the city bus to a last-ditch job interview, but the bus breaks down. Our desperate heroine is going to miss the interview. She’s going to lose out on another job, and she needs this job.

But Lisa Garcia didn’t lose the job. 

She found a pay phone (remember those) and went straight to the top. She called the owner of the auto dealership where she was supposed to be interviewing, and she started talking.

She didn’t stop talking until he assured her that she had the job. And a vehicle.

The movie could stop right there while the credits roll, but Lisa Garcia kept on keeping on. She turned one big opportunity in the auto sales business into a lifetime career.

Lisa Garcia and Terry Miller with customers at Gary Crossley Ford

Lisa Garcia Found Her Home At Gary Crossley Ford

Almost 20 years ago, Lisa joined the family at Gary Crossley Ford and stayed put.

We were raised on handshakes. You know, we were hanging in our files we were hanging out, you know a lot of my business is referral you know, somebody sent somebody because you know, oh man easiest deal didn’t have to worry about you know, doing numbers didn’t have to worry whether she was telling the truth or I mean, it’s that way with a lot of the customers. I love it that people you know, we bring we’re pet friendly. Come on, bring your pet here.

“I like the environment here. I think it’s easy for customers to come in and do business with us,” she says.

The customers feel at ease and at home at the dealership, because the employees feel at home and at ease, and it all starts at the top.

“Todd Crossley, Gary Crossley, the whole Crossley family is why I’ve stayed here. The managers too, like Terry Miller,” says Lisa. “Every time they add on it becomes something even better. It’s been great. They’re so good to me here.”

Josey Moore, Gary Crossley, and Lisa Garcia

Happy Employees Create Happy Customers 

The one big happy family feeling at Gary Crossley even includes your family pets. The dealership’s official greeter is a big puppy named Roscoe. He makes friends easily too and Lisa encourages everyone to bring their pets to the party!

“I’m telling you it’s just the vibe around here that makes you want to do business. It’s not like you have to put up your dukes. No one dreads coming here. You don’t have to drag anyone in with you because you need backup. It’s not like that.”

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

It’s that friendly, family, hometown environment that keeps customers coming back over and over again. Literally for generations.

Lisa has families of customers who have bought 30, even 40 cars from her at Gary Crossley Ford. She works with a ton of Ford plant workers because they’ve learned they can come to her without the whole process becoming some sort of hassle.

Todd Crossley and Lisa Garcia

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

All work and no play makes Lisa a dull girl so when she’s not making the magic happen for her customers at Gary Crossley Ford, Lisa likes to spend time with her boyfriend, her kids, and her grandkids at hanging out by the pool, traveling, RVing at the lake, or maybe watching a little football (Go Chiefs!)

But she’s here if you need her – ready to deliver the easiest, most hassle-free auto-buying experience you’ve ever had.



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