The Many Types Of Ford Technicians at Gary Crossley Ford

Ford Senior Master Technician

You wouldn’t bring a knife to a gunfight, would you? 

You wouldn’t go to your dentist for heart surgery so why in the name of Benedict Cumberbatch would you want someone fiddling around under the hood of one of your most valuable assets unless they were certified, bonafide, and specialized in diagnosing and repairing your vehicle and its particular issue.

Gary Crossley Ford has 13 Ford Certified Senior Master Certified Technicians which is the highest level of technical proficiency recognized by the Ford Motor Company. These are the cream of the crop, the tip of the top, the best automotive minds that money can buy.

They’re only here to do two things: Chew gum and solve your vehicle’s problems.

And they’re all out of gum.

Ford technician working on truck

Every Automotive Technician at Gary Crossley Ford is a Specialist

“I’m a drivability technician, but I’m also one of the trainers who help train our up-and-coming young technicians,” says Rick, now in his 37th year diagnosing and repairing Ford vehicles.

“If a car comes in with any drivability concern  – in other words, the check engine light is on. the engine doesn’t run right, the engine doesn’t run at all, or all things electronics, it’ll come to us for triage, then we will decide whether it’s an engine-related concern that we fix from the electronics side, or is it a base engine concern, which would go to an engine repair technician, or is it a transmission concern that would go to the transmission technician.”

The technicians, Master Technicians, and Senior Master Technicians at Gary Crossley Ford are assigned to one of several specialty areas according to their particular set of skills, training, and experience.

  • Driveability Technicians
  • Engine Technicians
  • Transmission Technicians
  • Steering and Suspension Technicians
  • General Line Technicians


Rick says the General Line Technicians are the true wizards. They solve the problems that no one else can solve. They take on everything that doesn’t fit into any one category so they often end up taking on the broadest spectrum of automotive issues.

ford technician working on vehicle wheel and tire

Crossley Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center Techs Can Solve your Vehicle’s Problems Before They Become Problems

Of course, the best kind of problem to have is the one you solve before you have it.

That’s where Crossley Quick Lane comes in.

The Quick Lane techs are responsible for all regularly scheduled maintenance – oil changes, tire rotation, battery check, and filter inspections –  all of the things that keep your vehicle in compliance with your factory warranty and running like a top.

They’re your first line of defense in the war against unexpected automotive repair expenses.

Ford senior master technician

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

“I hate to say it like this,” says Rick, “but here at Gary Crossley Ford, we’re a well-oiled machine, and the machine just keeps getting better.”

He’s got tech skills and dad jokes. Who knew?

But it’s true. More Senior Master Techs than other dealerships. More service bays. More maintenance lanes. More volume equals more opportunities to solve more problems equals more experience making those problems disappear. 

Add more training and education into that experience feedback loop, and it’s easy to see why generations of Kansas City drivers have trusted us to protect their automotive investment and their families.

The secret sauce though is the human element. You bet we’re engine whisperers, and transmission whisperers, and electronics whisperers, but none of that matters until we hear about the problem from your viewpoint. 

We have to be people whisperers too.

Only you know the particular “thwack thwack thwack” noise that comes from the engine compartment on rainy days when the temp is below 40 degrees and you make a 90-degree left-hand turn. 

We can translate that for you, we can tell you how to solve the problem, and if turns out to be more of a problem than you were expecting, we have financial solutions that let you solve the problem now, and pay later.

That’s the Crossley Difference, we’re just as interested in solving your problem as your vehicles.



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