Upgrade Your Ford Maverick with the Best Leveling Kit: Flatout Suspension

lifted Ford Maverick truck

The Ford Maverick has proven to be an enormous success for Ford, as consumers are drawn to its affordability and efficiency as a compact pickup truck. This popularity has also led to a thriving aftermarket for the Maverick. In addition to performance upgrades such as tunes and various parts and accessories, Maverick owners now have the option to enhance the truck’s appearance with leveling/lift kits and larger tires, giving it a more traditional truck-like look. Adding to the growing list of aftermarket options is the newly launched two-inch Ford Maverick leveling kit from Flatout Suspension. 

With this leveling kit, the Maverick can be lifted by a total of two inches in the front and 1.5 inches in the rear. However, owners can also choose to lift both ends by two inches to maintain the factory rake. It’s worth noting that for Tremor models, the front lift is limited to 1.5 inches due to unique hardware. For those who opt for the full two-inch lift, it is recommended to install subframe spacers to re-center the rear tire and reduce the angle of the CV joint. 

Like other leveling kits, this one utilizes a spacer that mounts on top of the factory strut in the front, while the rear features a height-adjustable spring perch and new springs. Shoppers have the choice between a comfort spring or an overload spring. The comfort spring retains Ford’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) rate and load capacity, while the overload spring increases load capacity. This added capacity is especially useful when carrying heavy items like a hitch-mounted cargo basket or rear tire carrier, as it helps prevent sagging. 

The leveling kit is compatible with all Maverick models, including two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and the Hybrid variant. The pricing starts at $449 for the kit alone, without the recommended subframe spacers. For those who wish to include the subframe spacers, the price increases to $674. 

Overall, the Flatout Suspension two-inch Ford Maverick leveling kit offers Maverick owners an opportunity to customize their trucks, improving both the appearance and functionality of their vehicles. With its affordability and compatibility with different Maverick models, it is sure to appeal to a wide range of enthusiasts.  

Secure your brand-new Ford Maverick by placing your order now. Gary Crossley Ford has received information that the order banks for the 2024 Ford Maverick will be accessible starting from July 17th, 2023. Please note that these dates may be subject to change.



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