The Ford Maverick Truck is a Cultural Phenomenon

Oreo Thins Looks Like A Ford Maverick Owner's Manual
The Ford Maverick entered production less than six months ago and is already a massive success… Let’s just hope Ford makes them faster!

I’m not sure how else to describe the reaction to the Ford Maverick other than as a cultural phenomenon. Ford already suspended ordering for the 2022 model year. And good luck finding one on a dealer’s lot. But big sales numbers at a time when manufacturers face chip shortages and supply chain issues aren’t what makes the Maverick a phenom. It’s about who’s buying the Maverick and what they are doing with it.

2022 Ford Maverick truck

Ford Maverick buyers span across all demographics. It appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. People who would never buy a truck are buying Mavericks. People who have no interest in cars, who can’t tell the difference between a Taurus and a Tesla, are interested in the Maverick. It offers just enough truck for people who make an occasional run to the lumber yard or the garden center. Will it haul a pallet of bricks or tow a 34-ft. enclosed trailer with a race car, tools, and spare parts? No, it won’t. Will it get someone out of their Super Duty? Probably not. But it will lure your aunt out of her Honda or stop your kids from buying a Chevy.

At a price in the low $20K range, it’s hard to beat. Looking at other new vehicles for the same money and the Maverick is compelling. Heck, even compared to most used vehicles in that range it’s compelling. Build a really good vehicle, at an affordable price, and people will buy it. Henry Ford built a company on that philosophy. Lee Iacocca made a career out of it. But it still doesn’t fully explain why the Maverick is a phenomenon.

DRAGG Ford Maverick truck at SEMA

What does explain the phenomenon is how people use the Maverick and what they do to it. There are at least a dozen clubs or websites devoted to the Ford Maverick. DIY websites and forums, the kind that shows how to do home improvements, have content on how to DIY your Maverick. At SEMA last fall, there were several Maverick conceptsincluding the Air Design Maverick, and this lowrider concept by Tucci Hot Rods. We also reported how people use 3D printers to create accessories for their Maverick. And people are even selling these creations in online marketplaces like Etsy or Thingiverse

Some people will read this post and think, “Yeah, but what about the Bronco?” It’s a fair question. The Bronco generates tons of buzz. But that attention centers around truck and off-road enthusiasts. The Maverick generates buzz from people who what HGTV or read Fast Company Magazine. Nabisco made their Oreo Thins package look like a Maverick Owner’s Manual. That’s not a knock on the Bronco, which is a great vehicle. It’s just recognition that people from all walks of life react to the Maverick the way they do movies, TV shows, fashion trends, and chicken sandwiches.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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