Ford Makes It Easier to Create 3D Printed Maverick Accessories

Maverick fits slots
Using Ford’s blueprint files, you can create all kinds of 3D printed accessories for the Ford Maverick’s FITS slots, Ford Integrated Tether System.

People love to create 3D printed accessories for the Ford Maverick’s FITS slots. Short for Ford Integrated Tether System, FITS slots are located at the rear of the center console and inside the storage floor. And since the Maverick launched, a whole FITS cottage industry sprung up in places like Etsy or Thingiverse. Browse those sites and you can find all kinds of things to customize your Maverick. Need a sturdy cupholder or a place to store pens? How about a bin for your kids’ toys or a water dish for your dogs?

You can make FITS accessories on your own. But unless you have the slot dimensions, the process involves lots of trial and error. That changed today when Ford released the FITS blueprints. These files provide the CAD data necessary to make components mount in the FITS slots. Now the only limits are your imagination and the capabilities of your 3D printer.

Ford Makes It Easier to Create 3D Printed Maverick Accessories!

In addition to utilizing the FITS slots, owners customize other spaces in the Ford Maverick. Console trays, accessories for the small dashboard cubby, and dividers for the under-seat storage all enhance usability. People even create FITS slots for other parts of the Maverick, and for their other vehicles. More than just a fad, the slots are almost a must-have feature like cupholders and power adapters.

This level of creativity and customization also caught Ford’s attention. The Maverick offers a wide array of accessories because Ford knew the truck would appeal to DIY customers. But they are pleasantly surprised by the level of creativity and customization. Online communities for the Maverick are sprouting in new places. In addition to traditional enthusiast websites, there are DIY and design websites sharing info on the Maverick. Anywhere people share ideas for DIY projects, you can find hacks for your truck. Meanwhile, the market for 3D printed accessories continues to grow. More people are making more things and selling their ideas and products in online marketplaces.

In a recent Newsweek article, Ford acknowledged this trend. These DIY communities are shifting how Ford interacts with its customers. Revising its processes, the automaker is moving towards more user-focused functionality and design. This shift will change how their next products are developed. Gone are the days of surveys and focus groups. Now Ford uses social media and online forums to learn what is important to a wider range of customers.

The Maverick appeals to different people across all age groups and demographics. But the one thing they have in common is their enthusiasm for their trucks. It’s a rare product that pulls off being both inexpensive and genuinely good. In a very short time, the Maverick developed a large following. And that following will only grow as people continue to accessorize their Mavericks.

Photos: Ford Motor Company

Source: Ford Trucks Enthusiasts



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