Tis the Season for Retail Bonus Cash Specials at Gary Crossley Ford

Santa holding Money

Eggnog and mistletoe ain’t as cheap as they used to be.

Santa called from the North Pole and said the rent was too dang high!

And you’re about to be handing out gift cards like you’re dealing a not-so-friendly, family game of Pinochle.

But Gary Crossley Ford is going to give those that qualify up to $1,500 cash back for the holidays to help ease the pain

$1,500 smackeroos. That’ll buy a lot of fruitcake, baby!

You can put it towards the credit card bill. You can buy extra gifts for the kids. You can use it on a 30-foot tall inflatable Rudolph with the spotlight nose to really irritate your fun-hating, stick-in-the-mud neighbors.

It’s your money. Go bonkers.

Christmas Inflatables

Get on Holiday rebates on 4 different new Ford models.

Santa loaded up the back of our new Ford SUV with factory rebates that you can use however you want including lowering your down payment, lowering your monthly payment, or cutting your out-of-pocket expense on a new ride.

Select new Ford Escapes come with a $500 envelope. You get a thousand bucks cash back from the factory on some new Ford Explorers.  And on the Ford Edges, some of them are bringing the big money. Fifteen hundred freaking dollars!

Ho Ho Ho!

If you’re about ready to chuck it all, buy a convertible, and head south for the winter, Gary Crossley Ford will give you a one-thousand-dollar lovely parting gift with select new Mustangs.

December 2022 Ford Escape Incentive
December 2022 Ford Explorer Incentive
December 2022 Ford Edge Incentive
December 2022 Ford Mustang Incentive

Come experience the Crossley Difference for the holidays!

Nobody wants to show up at Grandma’s house in an ugly ride.

Why don’t you let us help wipe that smirk right off your know-it-all brother-in-law’s face?  A shiny new ride would do that, big time.

We’ll do whatever it takes to get you the biggest rebates, the lowest finance rates, and the best possible price. If we don’t have the truck or SUV you’re looking for in stock right now, we’ll search the four corners of the earth for it, and yes, that includes the North and South Poles!

If you can wait until after Christmas for your new sleigh, we’ll pay those that qualify $500 buck in retail order bonus cash when you pre-order some new Fords and let you lock in special discount financing at today’s rates no matter what the Fed does next go around.

You don’t have to call us Santa; you don’t have to sit on our laps to get a present, but if you can send us a pic of your brother in laws face when you pull up for Christmas dinner in your new Gary Crossley Ford, that would be awesome.



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