Do Red Vehicles Really Get Pulled Over More Often?

red mustang

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and we’re all about that. Go ahead; eat a red apple today. Heck, eat one tomorrow too. It’s good for you – like spinach that doesn’t taste like spinach.

What we want to talk about, though, is who started the nasty rumor that if you want to keep the cops away, you have to avoid red vehicles.

There was a time when the highway and byways of America held a steady stream of red vehicles. In the ’80s and ‘90s, nearly 1 out of every 4 vehicles sold was red. Even today, red vehicles dominate the collector and muscle car market with 25% of the vehicles listed for sale flying the red flag.

I don’t know if it was the communists, the terrorists, or Nickelback fans, but a couple of decades someone started spreading the word that red vehicles were much more likely to get pulled over by police… because they stand out.

red ford F-150

That’s a bunch of malarky. 

Red vehicles are no more likely to get pulled over than any others. In fact, plain white rides are more likely to get lit up than any others.

The rumor worked though; Gee, thanks, Nickelback. Or maybe we should blame movies. Today 81% of new vehicles sold are dressed in shades of gray from black to white to just plain gray. 

Red vehicles only make up roughly 5% of the market today. That ain’t right.

Does it cost more to insure red vehicles?

Big time, serious academic research shows that 44% of Americans think that insurance premiums are higher for red vehicles.  

They’re just flat wrong. That’s not too surprising says ​​Rob Hoyt, risk management and insurance professor at the University of Georgia.

“Most people don’t spend a lot of time and energy learning about insurance,” Hoyt says.

Insurance companies will consider the make, model, and value of your vehicle when calculating your premiums, but its color has no more bearing than whether or not you eat cinnamon buns with your chili.

Red Apples In Basket

Experience The Crossley Difference

Do you like apples?

In honor of National Eat A Red Apple Day, Gary Crossley Ford is offering free red apples with the purchase of every red vehicle.

How ya like them apples?

We think there need to be more, not fewer red cars, trucks, and SUVs on the roads in Kansas City so we’re doing our part.

Come take a look at the F150, Kansas City’s and America’s favorite truck for the last half century or so. Gary Crossley Ford has sold a ton of red F150s over the years. A ton and then some. For 2023, you can order your F150 in three different shades of red: Hot Pepper Red Metallic, Rapid Red Metallic, and Race Red.

That brings us to the Mustang which is available in two shades of red: Rapid & Race. Perfect, right?

We’ve got red vehicles in stock right now for you to take a look at and test drive. New & Used. Cars, Trucks, SUVs. Transit vans. Red. Red. Red.

We’ve got shiny new red Fords on the way to the dealership as we speak, and if you like red like we like red, you ought to hurry in here and call dibs. They’re liable to be sold before they hit the state line.

If you find the perfect vehicle. The one that makes your heart go pitter-patter, but it’s the wrong color.

Ain’t nothing but a thing.

We’ll send it over to Crossley Customs and paint it red, wrap it in red, stick in some red leather seats, and still give you a free red apple. Whatever it takes to get every deal done.

That’s the Crossley Difference.


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