Discover the Exciting 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Series


The 2023 Ford Escape has made its way to dealerships earlier this year, boasting upgraded features such as Sync 4 technology and a revamped exterior design. In addition to these improvements, Ford has completely reimagined the trim levels, introducing new names and introducing the all-new ST-Line series. The reception to the ST-Line series has been outstanding, as evidenced by its strong sales performance within the first few months of its release, according to Ford’s June 2023 U.S. sales report.

The Popularity of the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Series

In June 2023, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line series accounted for an impressive 40 percent of overall sales. Although this falls 10 percent below the team’s target, it’s important to consider that the rollout of the refreshed crossover was affected by software issues, causing a delay in its availability at U.S. showrooms. As more examples of the Escape ST-Line reach the market, it is expected that the popularity and sales figures of this series will increase significantly. 


Distinctive Features of the ST-Line Series

The ST-Line series sets itself apart from the rest of the lineup with its unique design elements. Drawing inspiration from the Ford Kuga, its European counterpart, the ST-Line series features a monochromatic paint scheme that includes body-color wheel wells and rocker panels. This departure from the traditional look of compact crossovers, which currently lean towards off-road-oriented vehicles and trim lines, makes the ST-Line series a standout option in its segment. Ford has classified both the Ford Bronco Sport and Ford Escape as entries in the compact crossover segment, leading to the creation of the ST-Line series.

Refreshing the Trim Levels

The 2023 Ford Escape underwent a trim level revamp based on customer feedback. The previous trim levels failed to resonate with buyers, prompting Ford to introduce new options. The lineup now begins with the Base trim, followed by the Active and Platinum models, catering to those seeking a more conventional experience. The ST-Line series comprises three distinctive trims: ST-Line, ST-Line Select, and ST-Line Elite. These trims offer customers a range of choices to suit their preferences and needs.


Driving Impressions

2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite Hybrid: Recently, we had the opportunity to experience the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite hybrid firsthand, and we were thoroughly impressed with this crossover. The combination of the ST-Line series’ unique styling elements, advanced technology like Sync 4, and the hybrid powertrain’s efficiency makes for an exceptional driving experience. Whether you’re seeking a blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite hybrid delivers on all fronts.

With the arrival of the 2023 Ford Escape, customers have been greeted with a refreshed crossover that boasts modern features, updated styling, and a completely reimagined trim lineup. The popularity of the ST-Line series within the first few months of its release confirms the success of Ford’s design direction. As more 2023 Ford Escape models become available across U.S. showrooms, the ST-Line series is expected to gain even more traction among buyers seeking a distinctive and stylish compact crossover option.



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