2023 Ford Escape Nominated for 2024 SUV of the Year

2023 Ford Escape

When it comes to the world of SUVs, the 2023 Ford Escape has been making quite a name for itself. Despite a slightly rocky start after its debut in October 2022, this refreshed model quickly won the hearts of consumers and critics alike. In fact, it recently earned a coveted spot on Consumer Reports’ list of recommended vehicles. And now, the 2023 Ford Escape has another exciting accolade to add to its growing list of achievements – it has been nominated for the prestigious 2024 SUV of the Year award by MotorTrend. Let’s dive into what this nomination means for the 2023 Ford Escape and what it’s up against.


The 2023 Ford Escape is no stranger to competition, and the race for the 2024 SUV of the Year is no exception. The field is packed with 40 new or significantly revised SUVs and crossovers, each vying for the top spot. From this formidable group, a select 10 finalists have emerged, all eagerly awaiting their shot at the crown. These 10 contenders are currently undergoing real-world testing, where they will be scrutinized based on six critical criteria: safety, engineering excellence, advancement in design, value, efficiency, and performance of intended function. 

MotorTrend’s assessment of the 2023 Ford Escape was quite comprehensive. During their time with the refreshed model, they praised several standout features, including its cutting-edge tech, dual interior screens, optional head-up display, and electrified powertrains. The revamped exterior appearance also earned accolades for its tougher, more modern look. 


MotorTrend summed up their assessment by noting, “It’s easy to see where the money went in the Escape upgrade plan.” They applauded the significant technological advancements and the more rugged exterior styling. However, they did express the need for further enhancements in the chassis and general interior to truly elevate the Escape to award-winning status. 

So, what does this nomination mean for the 2023 Ford Escape? It’s a clear recognition of the vehicle’s potential and the strides Ford has made in refining this model. While there are areas for improvement, being nominated for the 2024 SUV of the Year by MotorTrend is an acknowledgment of the Escape’s competitive edge in the crowded SUV market. The nomination is a testament to Ford’s commitment to delivering innovative and exciting vehicles to consumers. 


As the competition intensifies and the 2024 SUV of the Year winner is unveiled, all eyes will be on the 2023 Ford Escape. Whether it secures the top spot or not, this nomination is undoubtedly a significant milestone for this SUV, and it may pave the way for even greater achievements in the future. Stay tuned as we eagerly await the final verdict from MotorTrend and celebrate the 2023 Ford Escape’s journey towards becoming a true award contender in the world of SUVs. 



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