The Ford Escape Hybrid: Dominating the Sales Charts

Ford Escape Hybrid

The 2023 Ford Escape Hybrid has recently garnered significant attention and praise in the automotive world. Not only has it become a popular choice among new vehicle shoppers, but it has also received critical acclaim. This compact crossover stands out for its performance, efficiency, and the value it offers to consumers. 


Kelley Blue Book, a renowned automotive valuation company, has recognized the Ford Escape Hybrid as one of the most considered electrified vehicles available. Additionally, Consumer Reports has listed it among the best American vehicles one can buy, underscoring its quality and appeal in the U.S. market. 

The Ford Escape Hybrid’s latest achievement comes from the data provided by iSeeCars. In their comprehensive analysis, iSeeCars found that the Ford Escape Hybrid ranks as the ninth-fastest selling new vehicle on the market. This impressive feat is highlighted by its average of just 21.9 days on dealer lots before being sold. This places it ahead of several prominent competitors in the hybrid and electric vehicle segment. 


iSeeCars‘ analysis involved a detailed review of over 2.3 million vehicle transactions. Their findings offer insights into current market trends, revealing a gradual normalization in both prices and selling times post-pandemic. Despite a general slowdown in new model sales and a decrease in EV prices and demand, hybrids like the Ford Escape Hybrid continue to enjoy robust popularity. 

Karl Brauer, an executive analyst at iSeeCars, notes the significant shift in hybrid technology over the past decade. Once confined to small hatchbacks, hybrid drivetrains are now available across almost every vehicle category. Brauer highlights the appealing aspects of hybrids – their lower price and the elimination of range anxiety, especially when compared to fully electric vehicles (EVs). 


The Ford Escape Hybrid’s success story is a testament to the growing appeal of hybrid vehicles in the current market. It represents a blend of practicality, efficiency, and technological advancement that resonates with today’s consumers. 


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