Ford Bronco Badlands Rips off an Insane Jump Without Breaking a Sweat

Ford Bronco Badlands Rips Off An Insane Jump Without Breaking A Sweat
After some careful planning, paralyzed motocross superstar Bruce Cook, makes jumping this Ford Bronco Badlands look easy.

Many Ford Bronco owners have taken to off-road trails in hordes to utilize their new SUVs as Ford intended. That includes the folks behind the YouTube channel The Story Till Now, who recently jumped their new Ford Bronco Badlands a whopping 43 feet for fun (and views).

What makes this jump attempt in a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands different from most is the fact that it’s done by a professional – freestyle motocross superstar Bruce Cook, who famously broke his back while attempting a double front flip at a Nitro Circus event a couple of years ago. Cook was paralyzed from the waist down but still managed to bounce back and even became the first paraplegic to land a motorcycle backflip, which makes this attempt pretty cool, too.

Ford Bronco Badlands Rips off an Insane Jump Without Breaking a Sweat

As is usually the case, this video has plenty of build-up to the big moment, with lots of discussion over the ramp design itself, as well as the weather. We also get to see the details regarding Cook’s setup in the Bronco Badlands, which consists of hand controls for the gas and brake pedals. When the time to perform this wild stunt finally arrives, it’s surprisingly anti-climactic, but that’s pretty much what we’d expect from the highly capable off-roader.

Cook rolls up the ramp at a reasonable speed before cresting over the top and soaring 43 feet through the air before landing softly on the front tires. It’s hard to tell that the ramps are a full 10-feet tall, nor process just how far the SUV travels with its tires off the ground, but that’s a testament to good planning and masterful driving – not things we’re used to seeing on YouTube these days.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts




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