Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Badge Kit Unveiled


Are you pining for the days of classic design and yearning to infuse your ride with a touch of nostalgia? The launch of the Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition Badge Kit is like a breath of fresh air for retro enthusiasts and Bronco fans alike! 

The 2023 model year graced us with the Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition, a tribute to the past with only 1,966 exclusive units rolling out, evoking the year it all began. While the Heritage Limited bids farewell and becomes a rare gem on the roads, the regular Bronco Sport Heritage continues to wave the vintage flag into the 2024 model year. 

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Badge Kit

For those who missed out but still crave that distinctive look, you’re in luck! The defining element of the Heritage Limited, its elegant fender badge, is now up for grabs directly from the Ford Performance catalog. This means you can add that special retro touch to your Bronco Sport, regardless of the year. 

The Badge Kit includes a pair of “Bronco Sport” fender script badges, shining in silver just like those on the limited edition model. These badges aren’t just a nod to the past; they’re a statement piece for your vehicle, signaling a blend of adventure and timeless style. 

Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Badge Kit

Installation is a breeze. Forget about drills or the anxiety of permanent changes. These badges come with two-sided tape, ensuring a simple and reversible addition to your Bronco Sport. You’ll transition from plain to standout in minutes, and the best part? They fit any Bronco Sport model year 2021 and beyond. 

The Ford Bronco Sport Heritage Limited Edition Badge Kit, part number M-1447-BSPRT, is now available for purchase at a retail price of $125. And for those who truly want to capture the essence of the limited edition, consider an Oxford White paint job for that grille, wheels, and roof to complete the heritage look. 

Don’t let this limited edition pass you by again. With this badge kit, your Bronco Sport won’t just be another car on the street—it’ll be a tribute to the legacy of Ford’s adventurous spirit! Call the Gary Crossley Ford Parts Department today and order yours today.



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