Ford F-350 Turned Into Cool L-Series Clone With Hand-Built Front End

Ford F 350 Turned Into Cool L Series Clone With Hand Built Front End
One man’s love of the L-Series heavy duty trucks led him to create a custom Ford F-350 pickup version of that model.

For the most part, we don’t see many heavily modified 1970s Ford trucks out there in the world. This is likely because these trucks are essentially perfect as-is, and things like fabrication and sheet metal work just aren’t as common as they are in the world of street rods or lead sleds. However, that didn’t stop the owner of this particular Ford F-350 – Ernest Ellis – from completing his dream of building a smaller version of the heavy-duty L-Series, as he recently explained to Ford Daily.

Ford F-350 Turned Into Cool L-Series Clone With Hand-Built Front End

“Growing up I loved the LS Louisvilles and always wanted to build a pickup,” Ellis said. “I started to make it in 1999 but I put the front end in storage. I’m not getting any younger, so I have to get it done. As a kid, my dad had multiple Louisvilles. At the age of 15, when the 1978s came out with the new grille, I wanted to do a Louisville front end. I started this concept in 1999 but I needed the truck so I just kept it original. In 2018, the truck needed paint so I decided now is the time to finish what I started before it’s too late.”

Ford F-350 Turned Into Cool L-Series Clone With Hand-Built Front End

The result of all that hard work is a Ford F-350 that now looks pretty much exactly like a smaller pickup version of the L-Series heavy-duty truck, a true testament to its owner’s passion for this project. Interestingly, many may not even be aware of just how popular the L-Series was over its decades in production, long reigning as a favorite among those that needed a seriously hard working machine from 1970 until 1998.

In this case of this particular Ford F-350, Ellis stayed true to that heritage with a front end that looks pretty much identical to the big, hard-working L-Series. The forward-tilting unit features the same front fenders and headlight placement, along with a big, bold, blocky grille and massive Ford lettering. It’s a cool and truly unique project for sure, as we’ve never seen anything quite like it before, though we wouldn’t be surprised if someone else gave it a go now that this cool build is finished.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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