From Actor to Racer: Frankie Muniz Tackles the Mustang Dark Horse


Frankie Muniz, the actor-turned-ARCA racer, had the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving the highly coveted 2024 Mustang Dark Horse. While his fame certainly played a role in gaining access to exclusive events, it was his successful career as a driver for Ford in the ARCA series that put him in the driver’s seat of this remarkable car. 

Boasting 500 horsepower, the Mustang Dark Horse is engineered to be the most powerful non-Shelby Mustang ever produced, with its sleek design and impressive handling. Ford decided to showcase the capabilities of their upcoming performance pony car by inviting Muniz to the M1 Concourse facility, where he treated Ford employees to exhilarating laps on the road course. 

As the road-legal version of a Mustang built for various motorsports venues, the Dark Horse dazzled as it effortlessly navigated the compact M1 track. Muniz’s skillful driving demonstrated why he quickly rose to success in the ARCA series after refocusing on racing following an injury that temporarily derailed his high-speed dreams. 

While we can’t fully capture the experience of unleashing the Dark Horse’s full potential, the expressions of pure joy on the faces of the fortunate Ford employees who had the chance to ride along described it as nothing short of “awesome.” It’s evident that Ford’s latest performance variant lives up to its promises. Muniz himself thoroughly enjoyed his time behind the wheel, as he expressed his gratitude to Ford and Ford Performance, emphasizing his sense of belonging to the Ford family. 

The anticipation to get our hands on the Dark Horse continues to build, but witnessing the car tear through the road course under the control of a professional driver is undeniably awe-inspiring. The Mustang Dark Horse embodies power, style, and an undeniable allure that leaves us eagerly awaiting our own opportunity to experience its exhilarating performance. 



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