1956 Ford F-100 Golf Cart Is the Snazzy Way to Get from Green to Green

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When we think of golf carts, two things usually come to mind – the boring, old-fashioned originals, and those fancy ones that people equip with large tires and loud stereos that torment our neighborhoods. But what if there was a better way to cruise the links, local vacation spots, or suburban areas? Perhaps something like this 1956 Ford F-100 golf cart built by a company called Pennwick.

1956 Ford F-100 Golf Cart

Pennwick was a builder of all sorts of luxurious golf carts that has seemingly gone out of business, sadly enough. Regardless, that doesn’t diminish the fact that one of their finest creations – this 1956 Ford F-100 golf cart – is easily one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen and the perfect compliment for anyone that owns one of these early F-Series pickups.

The exterior of this golf cart is incredibly faithful to the real thing, with those signature curvy fenders, a big chrome grille and bumpers, and even a bed out back for hauling stuff. It even rolls on a set of wheels that look just like the timeless American Racing Torq-Thrust design, yet measure a mere 12 inches in diameter.

1956 Ford F-100 Golf Cart

The fiberglass body and its open-air cabin are complemented by a wood bed floor that looks equally fantastic, and this “truck” has working headlights, taillights, turn signals, side mirrors, a battery charge indicator, an hour meter, and an electric horn, making it rather well-equipped for a simple golf cart. The classic replica rides on a ClubCar chassis and features a 48-volt charging system to keep it juiced up.

1956 Ford F-100 Golf Cart

This F-100 golf cart may look like a hot rod, but like most golf carts, it won’t exactly light your hair on fire with a top speed of just 20 miles per hour. But that’s more than enough speed for the local golf course or neighborhood cruise. Plus, this thing looks so cool that you’re bound to have to stop and answer questions or let other folks check it out constantly while you’re cruising around in it, because who can resist the iconic styling of the beloved ’56 F-100?

Photos: Pennwick

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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