Ford’s Space Exhibit in Seattle | April 21st, 1962 | Today in Ford Motor Company History

Ford's Space Exhibit in Seattle

On April 21st, 1962, Ford Motor Company opened their “An Adventure in Outer Space” exhibit at the Seattle World’s Fair, bringing a taste of the future to fair-goers. The exhibit showcased Ford’s vision for space travel and its potential impact on everyday life. 

The exhibit featured a giant dome-shaped structure that visitors could enter and explore. Inside, they were greeted by a series of dioramas depicting Ford’s vision of a space-faring society. The scenes depicted everything from lunar rovers and space stations to interstellar travel and life on other planets. 

One of the most popular attractions at the exhibit was the Lunar Rover, a prototype vehicle that Ford had designed for use on the moon. The rover was a six-wheeled, electric vehicle that could be operated by astronauts from within their spacesuits. Visitors were able to climb inside and get a feel for what it would be like to drive on the moon’s surface. 

Another highlight of the exhibit was the “Spacearium,” a domed theater that presented a film about the future of space travel. The film showcased Ford’s ideas for interstellar travel, including a proposed spacecraft that would travel at speeds of up to 25,000 miles per hour. 

The exhibit also featured a number of interactive displays and exhibits, allowing visitors to learn about the science behind space travel and the potential benefits it could bring to society. For example, one display showed how space technology could be used to improve agriculture and increase food production on Earth. 

Ford’s “An Adventure in Outer Space” exhibit was a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors to the Seattle World’s Fair. It showcased Ford’s innovative spirit and commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and engineering. The exhibit was also a reflection of the broader cultural fascination with space exploration that was prevalent in the early 1960s. 

In the years following the exhibit’s debut, Ford continued to push forward with its space-related research and development. The company worked on a number of projects related to space travel, including the development of a lunar habitat and a proposed space shuttle. 



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