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On April 19th, 1964, the Ford Mustang was officially advertised to the American public, just two days after its introduction at the New York World Fair. This was a significant moment in American automotive history, as the Mustang would go on to become an iconic symbol of American muscle cars and a cultural icon. 

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The Mustang was first introduced to the public on April 17th, 1964 at the New York World Fair. The car was a sensation from the moment it was unveiled, with crowds of people flocking to see the new vehicle. The Mustang was a sporty, affordable car that was designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers, from young people to families. 

Just two days after its introduction at the World Fair, the Mustang was officially advertised to the American public. The advertising campaign was a massive success, with the Mustang quickly becoming one of the most popular cars in America. The campaign focused on the Mustang’s sleek design, powerful engine, and affordable price, making it an ideal car for anyone looking for a stylish and reliable vehicle. 

The first Mustang ads featured a sleek, red convertible speeding down a winding road, with the tagline “Mustang – designed to be designed by you.” This was a nod to the fact that the Mustang was highly customizable, with a range of options and accessories available to buyers. The ad campaign also featured a series of commercials that showed the Mustang in action, racing down the highway and performing daring maneuvers. 

The Mustang was an instant hit with the American public, and it quickly became one of the best-selling cars in America. By the end of its first year on the market, over 400,000 Mustangs had been sold. The success of the Mustang helped to cement Ford’s position as one of the leading car manufacturers in the world. 

Today, the Mustang is still a beloved American icon, with a passionate fanbase and a thriving aftermarket community. The car has evolved over the years, with new models and features added to keep up with changing trends and technologies, but the spirit of the original Mustang remains the same. It’s a symbol of American ingenuity, creativity, and passion for innovation, and it will always hold a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts and Americans alike. 



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