Don’t Forget Your Plumber During the Holiday Season


Sure the department store Santas have it bad. Seriously, you let enough toddlers sit on your lap, and one of them’s bound to have an accident. Guaranteed. But that’s probably one kid, two max, throughout the holidays. That’s manageable.

I’ll tell you who’s got it bad this month though. Plumbers.

Did you know you’re more likely to call plumbers during the holidays than any other time of year?

Plumbers are elbow-deep in the muck all month long. While everyone else is consuming mass quantities of egg nog, cheese logs, 10-year-old fruit cake, and way too many of Aunt Betty’s Watergate Salad, your friendly neighborhood plumbers are the ones doing damage control the next day when everything that’s supposed to go down starts coming back up.

That’ll bring the festivities to a quick end. 

Between Uncle Eddie screaming “s#!ters full” and Grandma pouring half a hog’s worth of bacon grease down the kitchen sink, Kansas City plumbers can see as much as a 50% jump in home plumbing emergencies over the holidays.

And the team here at Gary Crossley Ford is right here behind them every step of the way. In the rear with the gear. Definitely out of the muck.

plumber With Pipe Wrench

Do Kansas City plumbers prefer pickup trucks or vans?

We can’t help them with unclogging a sink, snaking out a drain, or with pants that ride high enough on the waist to leave what’s cracking covered and unseen, but we can help local plumbers out with a vehicle that gets them to the scene of the crime you committed on that toilet.

Over the years, we’ve sold, customized, upfitted, and wrapped countless vehicles for plumbers from all the big outfits to our bookkeeper’s brother-in-law who does a little plumbing on the side.

The first decision they face is the big one: truck or van. Don’t take it lightly, plumbing partnerships have ended over that question, but there’s honestly no right answer.  

As a general consideration plumbers who specialize in new construction might lean toward a truck that can get them right up to the job site no matter how UNDER CONSTRUCTION the terrain is. A van starts to become more necessary for plumbers doing more retail home repair so they can show up with the parts they need no matter what part it is.

Kansas City plumbers love the Ford F150 truck

Because F150, right? All it does is win. America’s best-selling truck for half a century. Of course, plumbers love the F150. Everybody loves the F150.

The F150 can be transformed into your everloving roving rootermobile with anything from a couple of bed rail toolboxes to a full-on plumbing/HVAC utility bed and truck body

The Ford Transit Van lets you bring every washer, every connector, every pipe, and every valve known to mankind

The Ford Transit Van has got all the room you need to grow your plumbing business. The interior is almost infinitely customizable with racks, bins, and shelves galore. 

That outside though. Even plumbers like to look good, and the Transit Van is a giant canvas to show off your logo. Let’s wrap that rascal.

Stepping into the big leagues, if you’re looking at multiple vans for your growing plumbing business, Ford Pro Telematics and Ford Pro Data Service can help you keep track of your fleet and optimize operations for the greatest efficiency. Science, yo!

Experience the Crossley Difference 

You’re the expert on snaking toilets, getting an entire turkey carcass dislodged from the garbage disposal, and still coming home every night without a drop of giblet gravy under your nails. Good on ya. Thank you for doing what you do.

We’re big fans of indoor plumbing and other modern conveniences.

So we’ll do whatever it takes to help you find the vehicle your business needs. We’ll help with customizing and upfitting so it does the job you need it to do. And we’ll help with financing that doesn’t send next year’s profit projection… down the drain.

We’re the experts at that. It’s what we do.



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