What The FTX!? Everything You Need to Know About Tuscany Trucks

Tuscany FTX truck

If you don’t know, you don’t know.


The FTX you see on so many lifted trucks around Kansas City seems like it’s just part of the alphabet soup that most car manufacturers stick behind their model names. Officially it’s known as the trim level, and with Ford Trucks, we offer different trim levels like XL and XLT. If you go to the official Ford website looking for an FTX, though, you can search until your fingers are tired of typing and your data plan screams out “ I can’t do no more!” 


Even though you see FTXs every single day around here, they are nowhere to be found on any official Ford marketing materials.


Why is that? Because Ford isn’t the manufacturer; Tuscany is.


What the FTX?


Tuscany has to be the undisputed manufacturer of lifted trucks in America. Since 1988 Tuscany and its affiliate companies have built over 200,000 of the biggest, baddest, most impressive trucks on the road today.


Yes, when you buy an FTX or any of Tuscany’s other models from Gary Crossley Ford, you’re getting a Ford. Tuscany is a Ford Approved Specialty Vehicles Manufacturer. Fresh from the Ford assembly line, brand new trucks are delivered to one of Tuscany’s four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the country. Using high-end components and expert craftsmanship, these vehicles aren’t just lifted and given a cosmetic makeover. Each one is made anew, with a brand new manufacturer’s warranty reflecting its new Tuscany identity.


“Yeah, it’s not just the lift. They do their whole package. It’s a lift kit plus wheels, tires, and fender flairs. They usually do their own composite hood and matching tonneau cover. They usually do a bed rug versus a spray-in liner, which most trucks get. They usually do some type of gauge cluster. They’ll add some interior badging,” says Gary Crossley Ford Special Vehicles Specialist Clark Hewitt. 


“They’ll serialize the whole truck. So it does come with an extra added invoice that comes from the company and all of that can be tacked into the financing too.”


The FTX isn’t just made to look good, it’s made to get dirty, designed and manufactured for offroad capability, and field tested by a couple of hundred thousand off-road enthusiasts.


The full FTX line-up includes the F150, F250, and F350.

2021 Shelby F 150 Front



Shelby American is one of the most iconic names in performance vehicles, and Tuscany is the name behind the name.


Tuscany’s unparalleled craftsmanship and manufacturing expertise led to the dynamic partnership between the legacy of the Caroll Shelby name and the expertise of Tuscany Manufacturing.


The Tuscany manufactured lineup of Shelby vehicles at Gary Crossley Ford included the F150 Off-road, the F150 Super Snake, The F150 Super Snake Sport, The F150 Baja Raptor, the F250 Super Baja, and, of course, the Shelby Mustang Super Snake.

2021 F150 Black Ops

Black Ops Trucks


The Black Ops trucks by Tuscany combine stealth styling with field-grade performance:  a heavy-duty skid plate to protect the underbelly, integrated body armor to protect the exterior, and a premium leather interior to keep you comfy no matter where the mission takes you.


Available as an F150, F250, or F350 at Gary Crossley Ford, Tuscany’s Black Ops trucks are tactical, practical, and pretty darn fantastical!

Harley Davidson Trucks


There’s no denying the heritage behind the Harley Davidson F150 and F250 by Tuscany. From the milled “Fat Boy” inspired wheels to the bright orange logos everywhere to the Limited Edition numbered plate front and center on the dash, over 70 custom and proprietary components make these trucks uniquely Harley Davidson.

Experience The Crossley Difference


It’s good to know who your people are. Everyone needs a tribe.


So what if you think about lifted trucks, superchargers, big fat knobby tires, and robust laser-cut cross members offering maximum clearance, pretty much constantly? So what if the other people in your life say that’s all you talk about? If they don’t get it, they must not get you.


At Gary Crossley Ford, we get you.


We’ll talk about this stuff all day long, maybe longer if you’ll let us.


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