Ford Technician Career Opportunities for High School Students


Bob Tasca III, along with New Ford Tech, opens his motivating conversation to a group of Indianapolis high school students attending a Y.E.S. Program event at the NHRA: Championship Drag Racing US Nationals at Lucas Oil Raceway Park with, “You might be asking yourself, ‘Why should I consider becoming a Ford technician? What’s in it for me? How does this translate into a solid career choice for both my future and my family?’ These are valid questions, and the answers lie in the experiences of those who have already walked the path you’re considering.”  

Let’s delve into the insights of Bob Tasca III, a man with deep roots in the automotive world and a partner owner of Gary Crossley Ford. He’s not only made a name for himself in the racing scene but also continues to work alongside technicians at his family’s multiple Ford dealerships nationwide – with one of them a place where you, too, could find yourself someday.  

Decisions about your career future can be overwhelming, especially when you consider factors like income, advancement, and stability. Well, here’s the good news: the world of Ford technicians offers a clear trajectory. You can meet individuals who, only five years post high school, are earning well over $100,000 annually or well on their way there. Yes, the earning potential is substantial, making the box of financial opportunity checked off.  

But what about job portability? Life doesn’t always unfold as planned; marriage, family, and the unexpected might demand a move. Unlike careers that often force you to start anew, Ford technicians are in high demand across the nation. As a Ford-certified technician, one phone call could open doors anywhere in the country. In fact, dealers are so eager for your expertise that they might even cover your moving expenses and offer a raise on your very first day. That’s the extent of the demand for skilled Ford technicians.  

While pondering your path, consider the crucial aspect of career stability. Recession periods can be daunting for any profession, but the realm of Ford technicians stands strong. When others face challenges, your skills become even more vital – keeping vehicles on the road and the economy moving. In times of economic uncertainty, your job remains secure, a fact that could spare you the anxiety of wondering how to make ends meet.  

Bob Tasca III’s influence extends beyond the racetrack; it extends into lives changed by the realization of the potential a career as a Ford technician holds. Imagine a young man whose life was forever altered after hearing Tasca speak. That young man ventured into the Tasca NHRA funny car pit, met a Ford dealer, and secured a job. The transformation was so remarkable that a teacher recounted this story to Tasca, proud of the impact his words had made. A photograph of a pay stub, displaying a substantial income just a year after high school, served as undeniable proof of the bright future awaiting those who embrace the role of a Ford technician.  

The journey of a Ford Motor Company technician is one filled with promise. Bob Tasca III’s words reflect the reality of a satisfying, well-compensated, and stable career that transcends obstacles and transforms lives. As you ponder your next steps, consider the legacy of those who have come before you – generations of Tasca family members who began their journeys as technicians. Your path, much like theirs, could lead to a future of fulfillment, growth, and prosperity within the world of Ford technology.  

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