Empowering Futures: The Gary Crossley Ford & New Ford Tech Partnership

New Ford Tech Partnership

In an industry constantly evolving with technology, the need for skilled automotive service technicians is more critical than ever. Gary Crossley Ford, in partnership with New Ford Tech, is spearheading a commendable initiative to address this need. Their collaboration focuses on high school students, recent graduates, and military veterans, offering a path to successful careers in automotive servicing through comprehensive education, outreach, and resources.  

New Ford Tech’s programs, especially the notable Automotive Student Service Education Training (ASSET), have set a benchmark in automotive technical education. Melding classroom theory with real-world experience, these programs equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the automotive industry. Gary Crossley Ford’s involvement brings these opportunities closer to aspiring technicians, providing a local, hands-on environment where theory is put into practice.  

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Recognizing a diverse pool of talent, this collaboration uniquely caters to high school students, recent graduates, and military veterans. High school students get a head start in their careers, learning the intricacies of automotive technology alongside their regular curriculum. Recent graduates find a structured pathway to refine their skills and step confidently into the professional world. For military veterans, this initiative serves as a bridge to civilian life, offering them an opportunity to translate their discipline and technical acumen into a rewarding civilian career.  

A standout feature of the ASSET program under this collaboration is the paid internship. This aspect is particularly advantageous for those graduates who need to earn while they learn.”  The balance of classroom learning and practical training at Gary Crossley Ford’s facilities ensures that students don’t just learn concepts, but also apply them in real-world scenarios under the guidance of experienced professionals.  

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Gary Crossley Ford and New Ford Tech does not stop at just education alone Their commitment extends to comprehensive outreach and support. This includes guidance in choosing the right program, assistance with internships, and resources that help students stay abreast of the latest in automotive technology. The partnership aims to create a supportive community, guiding each participant through every step of their journey toward becoming proficient automotive service technicians.  

The collaboration between Gary Crossley Ford and New Ford Tech is more than just an educational initiative; it’s a gateway to new beginnings and promising careers in automotive service. By providing education, practical experience, and continuous support, this partnership is not only empowering the next generation of automotive technicians, but also ensuring that the automotive industry continues to thrive with skilled professionals. For high school students, recent graduates, and military veterans, this collaboration opens a world of opportunities, driving their passions into a successful and fulfilling career. 



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