VIDEO: 2023 Ford Super Duty Review with Clark Hewitt

Clark Hewitt review Ford Super Duty

Today, we’re diving headfirst into the thrilling realm of trucks, focusing on the mighty 2023 Ford Super Duty, with a special spotlight on the remarkable 2023 Ford F-350 Lariat Powerstroke. 

Join us as Clark Hewitt takes you on an exhilarating tour of this mechanical beast. Starting at an affordable $55,000 for the entry-level XL 4X2 and ascending to approximately $58,000 for the Crew Cab model, this Super Duty delivers unbeatable value. But hold on tight because the Lariat trim, the star of the show, comes loaded with a plethora of additional features. And for those seeking the epitome of opulence and performance, Ford presents the Platinum and Limited trim levels, where dreams meet reality. 

Now, let’s pop the hood and explore your engine choices. You’ve got the dependable standard 6.7L Powerstroke at your disposal, but there’s also a high-output 6.7L variant for those who crave more power. Say goodbye to the 6.2L gas engine; it’s time to welcome the robust 6.8L V8, alongside the 7.3L V8. 

The 6.7L Powerstroke, even in its standard configuration, outshines the competition with an astounding 475 horsepower and an astonishing 1050 foot-pounds of torque. But for those craving mind-blowing power, the high-output version cranks it up to a jaw-dropping 500 horsepower and a class-leading 1200 foot-pounds of torque. Impressive, right? 

Now, let’s talk about towing, and the F-350 certainly doesn’t disappoint. You can tow up to 30,000 lbs conventionally, 35,000 lbs with a fifth wheel, and an astounding 40,000 lbs with a gooseneck—class-leading performance in every category. 

Super Duty

Moving on to the interior, the Lariat and higher trim levels come standard with a push-button start and a dazzling 12-inch infotainment screen. This screen includes a 360-degree camera, one-year navigation, and seamless integration with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. Your comfort is a top priority too, with heated and cooled seats and a heated steering wheel. 

But the list of features doesn’t end there. You’ll find controls for shift-on-the-fly 4-wheel drive, an electronic locking rear end, integrated trailer brake, and pro trailer backup assist. Up top, you can access the diesel engine brake and control the 180-degree front and rear cameras. Plus, there’s the incredible trailer guidance system and an integrated camera to monitor your truck bed. 

Here’s a game-changer for 2023—the heads-up display. You can customize it to display vital information, including temperature, time, driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist, and even off-road data like pitch and roll. 

Super Duty

The Super Duty also spoils you with power-folding, power-telescoping side mirrors, along with power-adjustable tow mirrors. Inside, the 10-way power-adjustable seats, 4-way power-adjustable steering column, and power-adjustable pedals all come with memory programming. Opt for the twin-panel moonroof for an added touch of luxury. 

Don’t forget about the optional bedside steps and rear bumper steps, making cargo handling an absolute breeze. In the rear seats, you’ll discover optional heated seats and a fold-flat under-seat storage system that’s lockable. You can fold it down for a flat load floor or pop it up for secure storage. 

When it comes to safety, the Super Duty boasts blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, and trailer tow coverage—all expertly managed by the rear-mounted sensor. 

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