Santa Claus is Clearly a Ford Truck Man

Santa And His Red Ford Truck

The holidays are here, and it always is a special time. People are feeling a little more bright and hopeful. Pretty lights and decorations spruce everything up. And, this time of year allows us to feel a little more childlike, a little more wonder. Of course, many auto fanatics carry that excitement year round, and we regret nothing. But December does see Ford truck drivers add creative and very cool elements to show off their rides.

Red holiday christmas truck with dog in the snow

December is also the time of year when stacks on stacks of vintage red Ford trucks pop up everywhere. The image usually shows a classic Ford on a farm, a dusting of snow over the red exterior, and frequently towing a Christmas tree. Often this features a doggo on board.

Red holiday christmas truck with dog in the snow

To be clear, we are not complaining. Cool ornaments, decor, and tons of items featuring a cool Ford? We love it. And it makes sense to use a Ford F-100, or early-gen F-Series. Not only are these beautiful mechanical beasts, they have character, and recall the spirit of nostalgia. Always a nice reminder to think of the past as we approach a new year.

Ford truck with Christmas lights
Ford truck being Christmas AF

Oh, and they will knock your stockings off the mantle.

Santa purchasing a Ford Bronco
Santa purchasing a Ford Bronco

Ford trucks are built and designed to handle a lot. Factory-fresh, the pickups are immensely capable. Versatility is key, Ford trucks and SUVs can plow, haul, tow; they go from off the beaten path, to handling the horror of grocery store traffic. Depending on where you live, you want to ensure the most confident performance. Winterizing is affordable and definitely will save drivers worry.

Before the winter kicks into high gear we recommend that drivers get additional mods, equipment, and maintenance done.

Tires: To contend with slippery roads, you want the best kicks to give grip. Options vary from all-terrain to all-season. Also check tire pressure, tread, and consider rotating tires.

Fluids: Drivers will want to make sure that the engine fluids are topped off, and the engine is set with coolant and antifreeze.

Windshield: Drivers n cold and snowy areas may need winter wiper fluid. Great for getting gunk off the windshield.

Battery: The Ford F-150 can power a house; so you want to make sure that it is thoroughly checked and ready to run.

Gary Crossley Ford and the Crossley Quick Lane offer Winter Service Packages to handle the whole shebang.

Whatever comes your way, we hope you have a fun and safe season. And there are plenty of Ford truck owners who know how to get all the kicks.

Enjoy the holidays! But remember you don’t need to listen for reindeer hooves. Santa will probably be rocking 7.3-liter V8.

Santa with Ford lifted super duty truck

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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