Heavily Customized 1978 Ford F-250 Is a Real Jaw Dropper

Customized 1978 Ford F 250
With unique looks and a unique powerplant, this 1978 Ford F-250 is the cream of the proverbial crop.

There’s certainly no shortage of nice old Ford trucks out there in the world these days, though there’s never really been a drought to speak of. In fact, we’d argue that there are more top-notch restorations and customized pickups present in today’s world than ever before, a phenomenon largely driven by the fact that they’re so valuable now. One can sink money into an old Blue Oval pickup and actually get it back these days, but will that be the case with this amazing 1978 Ford F-250 up for grabs at Bring a Trailer?

It’s too early to tell if the seller of this 1978 Ford F-250 will recoup their investment, but there’s no denying that this truck is a bonafide jaw-dropper in virtually every way. On the outside, it truly shines with metallic green paint, which is complemented by a series of Freewheelin’ style stripes. The pickup has also been lifted six inches and fitted with 17-inch wheels wrapped with 37-inch Milestar Patagonia M/T tires, making for one of the more unique-looking Dentsides we’ve seen in a while, as well as one of the coolest.

The interior has been left mostly alone, with a brown vinyl bench taking up residence inside the cab, along with a brown dash pad conspiring to add a bit of contrast to the mostly black insides. A touchscreen stereo head unit with Bluetooth is the sole modern upgrade, while everything else in here is simply tidy and OEM style.

That isn’t the case with what powers this gorgeous Ford pickup, however. Pop the hood, and you’ll notice that it’s gone a completely different route with a 3.9-liter Cummins 4BT inline-four-cylinder diesel, which has been treated to an upgraded turbocharger, an oversized intercooler, 60lb/hr fuel injectors, 60lb-over-stock valve springs, a Davis electric cooling fan, a block heater, and a grid heater. It sends power to either the rear or all four wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox, while a Dana 60 differential has been added out back.

Put it all together, and you’ve got one of the coolest and most unique Ford trucks we’ve come across in some time. With looks that kill and a powerplant that’s known for making reliable power, it’s also one that we wouldn’t be afraid to drive anywhere.

Photos: Bring a Trailer

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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