Future Ford Ranger Trucks Could Get Power Retractable Running Boards

Ford Ranger
Power retractable running boards are available on many of Ford's full-size pickups, and now the Ranger could be next to recieve them.

Power retractable running boards are one of many features that began trickling down to full-size pickups like the Ford F-150 after initially launching on higher-trim models, and have become quite popular on those applications in recent years. Meanwhile, Ford Ranger buyers can’t currently get power retractable running boards on their mid-size pickups from the factory, leaving them to seek out alternatives from the aftermarket. However, that may change in the future, at least in certain markets.

Ford Ranger

“There are some things that are universal that people want, but a lot of it is really specialized to the markets,” Eric Cin, global director of Ford Accessories said in a recent interview. “For example, in Europe, they are putting power retracting running boards on Rangers. But those trends could make their way here.”

In recent months, Ford has shown a keen interest in making and selling parts and accessories as more and more new vehicle buyers are seeking those items out in the aftermarket. In fact, Ford’s accessory sales have exploded in recent months – particularly among Ford Bronco and Ford Maverick buyers – as those folks continue to customize their vehicles at “unprecedented rates,” according to the automaker.

Ford Ranger

Aside from offering a growing catalog full of things like Ford Ranger parts and accessories, that’s a big part of the reason why Ford is pivoting to more off-road-oriented items, as well as trendy upgrades like bronze wheels. In fact, Ford is well aware of the glamping trend, and is keeping an eye on it.

Source: Ford Authority



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