Ford Actually Makes and Sells This Ranger Light Tactical Vehicle

FG-P Ford Ranger light tactical vehicle

Automakers have been building military vehicles for a very long time now, and Ford is certainly one of them, churning out loads of machines that are destined for combat – a truly important task given the fact that a lot of people rely on them in very important ways. However, it’s still pretty fascinating to learn that Ford Global Fleet Sales has launched a very cool version of its next-generation mid-size pickup in the form of what it calls the FG-P – a Ranger light tactical vehicle.

The FG-P Ford Ranger light tactical vehicle is based on the newest version of that particular model, but it’s a far cry from the one that a number of global markets can go to a dealer and buy right now – a list that doesn’t include America just yet. Regardless, the FG-P can be customized to suit all sorts of situations, whether that be defense or security operations, or even surveillance.

FG-P Ford Ranger light tactical vehicle

As far as equipment goes, the FG-P comes with a “blackout system” for surveillance purposes, which allows the driver to shut off all of the truck’s lights and sound-makers with the simple flip of a switch, while the vehicle is still able to drive around, hopefully undetected. There’s also a silent model where the gas engine shuts off and the pickup is powered by an electric motor and battery located on the rear axle.

Fg P Light Tactical Vehicle Blackout Feature

In addition to this James Bond-like equipment, the FG-P also features suspension upgrades that enable it to haul up to 3,500 kilograms (7,716 pounds), and a JP8 fuel conversion makes it able to run on all grades of diesel fuel and even jet fuel, so it can travel pretty much anywhere without having to worry about running out of juice. To accomplish this, Ford replaces the truck’s catalytic converter with a non-catalytic muffler system, blocks the EGR valve with a plate to prevent return exhaust from entering the EGR cooler, and recalibrates the ECU.

FG-P Ford Ranger light tactical vehicle

The Ranger FG-P has also been treated to a host of exterior upgrades such as a large front bumper with a winch and a push bar that extends around the front fenders, a matching rear bumper, a roof rack, and a sport bar in the bed, to name a few. It’s a truly cool package, even if it’s one that few, if any of us will ever get to see, let alone buy.



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