Ventilated Truck Bed May Make the Ford Maverick Even Cooler

Ford Maverick May Soon Get Even Cooler Thanks To A Ventilated Truck Bed
Ford recently filed a patent that could add a ventilated truck bed to unibody trucks such as the Ford Maverick.

There is no denying the Ford Maverick has been a hot seller. And that is mainly because it is a cool little truck that is perfect for what a lot of people are looking for today. It is capable, efficient, and reasonably priced. But Ford has plans to make the Maverick even cooler. More specifically it plans to make the truck bed cooler. As first reported by Muscle Cars & Trucks Ford has recently filed a patent application that will add a ventilated truck bed on unibody trucks. The Maverick is of course a unibody design so that is likely the first model to receive this new feature.

Ventilated Truck Bed May Make the Ford Maverick Even Cooler

Reading a formal patent application can make your head spin a bit. But the high-level design is fairly simple to understand when combined with the included diagrams. “An air venting system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, the box of a truck. The box provides a cargo area. The system further includes a cab back panel of the truck. The cab back panel has an exposed section that provides a front wall of the cargo area. The cab back panel has a hidden section outside the cargo area. An air extractor is held within the hidden section of the cab back panel.” Explains the summary section of the patent. It further states that “this disclosure relates generally to venting air from a passenger compartment of a truck and, more particularly, a truck having a unibody construction.”

What Does it Mean?

Ventilated Truck Bed May Make the Ford Maverick Even Cooler

In simple terms the air from the passenger cabin whether it is heated or cooled will flow into the truck bed and help to regulate the temperature. If you are a baker, it still would probably not be a good idea to haul 500 pounds of chocolate on a 100-degree day in the truck bed. However, it will help keep things a bit more temperate back there. And, if you are camping or hunting this extra air flow could certainly be beneficial to you.


2022 Ford Maverick truck

The patent describes a couple different ways for the ventilated truck bed to work with various ducts and vents. It also is designed to be flexible enough to work with a bed liner. Of course, an open truck bed is still exposed to the elements. But if you install a truck bed cap and you combine it with this new venting system you could have a bed that is fully climate controlled.

Increased Versatility

truck bed of the 2022 Ford MAverick

Versatility is big reason behind the success of the Maverick. And, this new patent should only increase the versatility of this little unibody truck. With the popularity of the truck combined with the well-known supply chain issues, the Maverick has been difficult to find. But there is a silver lining for those who have not been able to get a truck yet. By the time you are able to order a truck to your specifications it may include a new ventilated truck bed feature. Sometimes patience pays off.

Source: Ford Truck Enthusiasts



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