Ford Maverick Is TikTok’s Most Popular Vehicle With 10.9 Billion Views

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#MyKCFord is blown away by Ford’s recent Ford Maverick TikTok campaign that has racked up millions of views and netted over 17,000 video creations in its very first month.

In recent months, Ford has shunned more traditional advertising venues for newer, less conventional methods of marketing, including a campaign on the wildly popular app TikTok. Not only has this saved the automaker a tremendous amount of money, but it’s also been wildly successful, as Ford’s recent Ford Maverick TikTok campaign racked up millions of views and netted over 17,000 video creations in its very first month. That same campaign has also made the Ford Maverick TikTok’s most popular vehicle with 10.9 billion views to date, according to a new study from Confused.

Ford Maverick truck on tiktok

That organization counted the total number of views on TikTok videos that mentioned each vehicle using hashtags through the end of May. For each vehicle, the hashtag that received the most views was used, excluding any hashtags that could refer to something other than the vehicle. In that regard, the Ford Maverick topped every other vehicle, whether it be a pickup, supercar, or even exotic.

In addition to providing TikTok users with a customizable Maverick graphic that lets them apply an augmented reality version of the compact pickup to their videos, Ford also partnered with a number of influencers on the platform to help spread the word about its new pickup. That includes Jamie Milne, who is known for sharing recipes and featured a scaled-down version of the Maverick on her kitchen counter, as well as Chloe Mitchell, a DIY’er who posted the pickup next to a shed she was building.

Ford Maverick truck

The idea is to show that the Maverick fits into anyone’s lifestyle – not just one belonging to a typical truck owner, and the AR experience meshes perfectly within the creative social media platform. It certainly seems to have worked, as the compact pickup has resonated with a pretty diverse audience, including owners of discontinued Blue Oval sedans, first-time truck buyers, female shoppers, Millennials, and members of Gen Z.

Source: Ford Authority



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