2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid Performs Well With Heavy Payload

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The Maverick Hybrid performs quite well while hauling a heavy payload in this video from John of the YouTube channel jmc600.

The 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid remains a hot commodity in today’s market after far exceeding Ford’s expectations for the thrifty, inexpensive pickup. Routinely one of the most considered electrified vehicles on the market, the 2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid has also earned its fair share of accolades and even compared favorably against non-traditional rivals such as the Honda Civic. Aside from being easy to maintain, the Maverick Hybrid also performs quite well while hauling a heavy payload in this video from YouTuber John of the jmc600 channel, too.

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid

In the clip, John has around 850 total pounds in the Maverick Hybrid, which includes him, his family, and some various gear stashed in the bed of the pickup. That’s a bit less than the truck’s max payload rating of 1,450 pounds, but it’s a decent amount of weight, regardless. Making things even more interesting, John drives his loaded Maverick up what is known as Lookout Pass on I-90 in Idaho crossing into Montana, which puts a bit more stress on the pickup.

2022 Ford Maverick Hybrid

Even with that much weight in the bed, John is still averaging 35.9 miles-per-gallon, which is pretty solid given the truck’s 33 rating on the highway. He’s traveling at 65 miles-per-hour as well, though you can hear the engine a bit as it works to move the Maverick up the 5,000 feet of elevation.

John eventually puts his pickup in tow/haul mode, and it doesn’t break a proverbial sweat making its way up the steeper grade. He switches it back to normal mode on the way down to utilize regenerative braking, after fuel economy drops just a tad to around 34 miles-per-gallon on the way up. Regardless, the Maverick Hybrid performs admirably, as one would expect, even with some extra weight in the bed climbing up a fairly steep road at speed.

Source: Ford Authority



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