The Ford Maverick Hybrid: America’s Fastest Selling Hybrid Pickup

2024 Ford Maverick driving on a scenic road towing jet skis.

The Ford Maverick Hybrid has quickly emerged as the best-selling hybrid pickup in the market, with a stunning 26,061 units sold within just the first four months of this year. This impressive volume not only signifies the Maverick Hybrid’s increasing popularity but also marks its appeal across a wide range of buyers. Notably, 59% of those purchasing the Maverick Hybrid are new to Ford, many coming from smaller SUVs. This shift highlights the Maverick’s unique position at the intersection of pickup utility and hybrid efficiency. 

A group of friends at a beach with their new 2024 Ford Maverick.

April 2024: A Record-Breaking Month for Ford

April 2024 was a landmark month for Ford, particularly for the F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid, which saw a whopping 93.6% increase in sales, earning it the title of America’s top-selling full-size hybrid pickup. The 2024 model has been particularly well-received, especially for its 7.2kW Pro Power Onboard feature. This innovative addition is proving essential not just for professional use at jobsites but also for enhancing leisure activities like tailgating, not to mention its utility as a dependable backup power source during power outages. 

A couple unloading their new 2024 Ford Maverick during a move.

Growing Demand for Hybrid Vehicles

The positive customer feedback for Ford’s hybrids doesn’t stop with specific models. In April alone, Ford’s hybrid vehicle sales in the U.S. climbed to 17,997 units, marking a 60% increase compared to the same month last year and setting a new record for monthly sales. This surge underscores a significant rise in consumer interest towards vehicles that are both more sustainable and efficient. 



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