Ford Maverick Wins Best Resale Value Award Three Years Running

Ford Maverick

In a marketplace where the demand for efficient and versatile vehicles remains high, the Ford Maverick has consistently emerged as a frontrunner since its introduction in 2022. Not only has it captured the attention of consumers, but it’s also maintained a scarcity that adds to its allure, frequently selling for more than its suggested retail price. This phenomenon places the Maverick among the top 20 new vehicles commanding prices above their MSRP. However, this high demand also underpins its robust resale value, a quality that Kelley Blue Book (KBB) has recognized, awarding it the Best Resale Value Award in 2022, 2023, and now, for the third year running, in 2024. 

Ford Maverick truck

A Testament to Lasting Value

The Ford Maverick secured its spot on KBB’s prestigious list by promising an impressive estimated five-year resale value of 54 percent, ranking tenth across all new vehicle categories. This achievement is particularly noteworthy in the compact pickup segment, where the Maverick outperforms its peers, reinforcing its status as a value-retaining powerhouse. The Ford Bronco, another vehicle from the Ford stable, leads the pack with an estimated resale value of 66.7 percent. 

Kelley Blue Book’s Best Resale Value Awards are the result of meticulous analysis by automotive experts. These awards are determined based on projections from KBB’s Official Residual Value Guide, which relies on statistical models that analyze millions of transactions to establish the residual values of vehicles. 

Ford Maverick EcoBoost

Why Resale Value Matters

Depreciation represents the most significant expense for new vehicle owners within the first five years of ownership. On average, vehicles from the 2024 model year are expected to retain only about 42.4 percent of their original MSRP after this period. This stark depreciation highlights the value of purchasing a vehicle that not only meets your needs today but also maintains its worth over time. Vehicles making KBB’s Top 10 Best Resale Value list are projected to retain at least 58 percent of their original price, a considerable advantage for long-term owners. 

The consistent recognition of the Ford Maverick by Kelley Blue Book not only underscores the vehicle’s durability and appeal but also assures buyers of its excellent long-term investment potential. As the automotive market evolves, the Maverick’s combination of efficiency, versatility, and value retention sets a benchmark for others to follow. 



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