2022 Ford Maverick Handily Outsold The Ford Ranger In April

2022 Ford Maverick Truck
The new Ford Maverick out sold the Ranger in April. Which do you prefer?

The 2022 Ford Maverick has remained a hot commodity since its launch last year, to the point where demand quickly exceeded Ford’s production capacity for the new compact pickup. Regardless, even with inventory severely limited due to the chip shortage and other supply chain constraints, the Maverick remains one of the top-selling new vehicles on the market today, beating out its main competitor – the Hyundai Santa Cruz – by a healthy margin, and even its big brother, the Ford Ranger. The gap between those two pickups continues to widen, however, as we can clearly see in Ford’s April sales report.

Ford 2022 April sales report

Ford sold 9,537 Mavericks in April, which brings that model’s year-to-date sales up to 28,782 units. That’s a significant difference when compared to the Ranger’s total of 5,110 units last month, as well as its year-to-date figure of 22,749. The 2022 Ford Maverick is also widening the gap between it and its mid-size counterpart, as the compact pickup recorded 8,695 sales in March compared to 6,276 for the Ranger.

2022 Ford Maverick truck

It is worth noting that while the Maverick hasn’t been on sale quite as long as the Ranger, Ford is likely diverting the limited number of semiconductor chips that it has on hand to certain, more desirable products like the Maverick, which can certainly impact sales numbers.

Source: Ford Authority



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