Ford F-150 Among Top Pickups Expected To Last Beyond 200K Miles

Ford F 150
The Ford F-150 has joined the Ford Expedition on iSeeCars’ list of the longest-lasting vehicles expected to reach 200,000 miles or more.

The Ford F-150 has earned its spot atop the sales charts over the past several decades thanks in part to value and dependability, attributes that have also earned the pickup its fair share of accolades in recent months. The Ford F-150 recently ranked third in its segment in terms of dependability, won Vincentric’s 2022 CPO Value Award in the light-duty pickup segment and the 2022 Best CPO Value in America Award, while also ranking as the most popular used vehicle in 2021. Now, the F-150 has also joined the Ford Expedition on iSeeCars’ list of the longest-lasting vehicles expected to reach 200,000 miles or more as well.

Ford F-150

The Ford F-150 ranked fifth among all light-duty pickups on this particular list, as 2.4 percent of the total number of those pickups on the road today have reached or exceeded the 200k mark. The F-150 was preceded by the Toyota Tundra (4 percent), Honda Ridgeline (3.7 percent), Toyota Tacoma (2.8 percent), and the Nissan Titan (2.6 percent), but beat out the Chevy Silverado 1500 (2.3 percent), GMC Sierra 1500 (2 percent), Nissan Frontier (1.8 percent), Ram 1500 (1.4 percent), Chevy Colorado (0.9 percent), and GMC Caynon (0.8 percent).

To come up with these percentages, iSeeCars analyzed over 14.9 million vehicles sold in 2021 to determine which models have the highest percentage of units that have reached 200,000 miles, with the total average coming in at just 1.2 percent. These figures are especially important in today’s world, where both new and used vehicle prices have soared to record highs, making it necessary for some to hold onto their vehicles until the market inevitably cools off a bit when current supply chain issues ease.

2015 Ford F-150

“The Ford F-150 has been America’s most popular vehicle for over 40 years, and its popularity with consumers and fleet buyers is a testament to its reliability and longevity,” said iSeeCars Executive Analyst Karl Brauer. “With new and used car prices at record highs, many consumers are likely keeping their vehicles on the road for an extended period of time or are looking to buy a reliable vehicle to get the most return on their investment.”

Source: Ford Authority



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