2021 Ford F-150 Off-Road Suspension Leveling Kit Coming Soon

2021 Ford F 150 Off Road Suspension Leveling Kit Coming Soon

The 2021 Ford F-150 represents the 14th generation of the perennially best-selling model, but aside from being a sales success, the F-150 is also an incredibly popular vehicle to modify. From wheels and tires to superchargers, both Ford and a wide variety of aftermarket companies offer a whole host of upgrades for the Ford F-150. Now, that list is growing yet again with the forthcoming 2021 Ford F-150 off-road suspension leveling kit from Bilstein and Ford Performance.

2021 Ford F-150 off-road suspension leveling kit from Bilstein and Ford Performance.

The new 2021 Ford F-150 off-road suspension leveling kit consists of Bilstein equipment tuned by Ford Performance, and is completely different from the truck’s factory suspension components. The plug-and-play kit raises the front end of the F-150 by two inches, eliminating the factory rake and giving it a level stance. However, instead of simply adding spacers to the front coilovers, this kit consists of replacement coilovers for the front and rear, including Bilstein’s 5160 rear dampers that are equipped with remote reservoirs.

The 5160 rear setup is already on sale for a number of applications and provides extra control over a wide variety of terrain. The dampers feature zinc plating and an increased oil capacity to dissipate heat more effectively and provide superior long-term reliability. Other notable features include a 46mm monotube design for fade-free performance, self-adjusting deflective disc valving, and a swivel banjo fitting that allows for 360 degree rotation.

This new Bilstein off-road suspension leveling kit will carry the part number M-18000-F15B in Ford Performance’s catalog, is compatible with all four-wheel-drive 2021 F-150 models save for the Raptor and Tremor, and has no negative impact on the truck’s hauling or towing capabilities. No pricing is available as of this writing, but the kit is very similar to the Fox “Tuned by Ford Performance” off-road suspension leveling kit that is offered for the previous gen 2015-2020 F-150 and retails for $1,525, albeit with Fox components instead of Bilstein parts.

Source: Ford Authority



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