Kansas City Plant Boosts Ford Transit Production Through 2028

A modern Ford Transit van driving in front of the Kansas City Assembly Plant, with the Ford logo visible, on a sunny day with clear skies

Hello, automotive enthusiasts and industry watchers! Today, Gary Crossley Ford brings exciting news from the world of Ford, particularly about the much-loved Ford Transit. 

Adding a Third Gear to Production

Earlier this year, the Kansas City Assembly Plant, renowned for its production prowess, ramped up its efforts to meet the soaring demand for the Ford Transit. The introduction of a third shift is a testament to the Transit’s unwavering popularity. This move ensures that Ford stays ahead of the demand curve, delivering quality and efficiency. 

2022 E Transit Production At Kansas City Assembly Plant

The Road Ahead for the Transit

While we might not see a major redesign of the Transit in the immediate future, the roadmap is clear. A recent report indicated that the Kansas City plant would continue producing the Transit until at least August 30th, 2030. However, a twist in the tale comes from a product roadmap released by the United Auto Workers (UAW) following their tentative agreement with Ford. This document indicates that Transit production will carry on at least through April 2028, aligning with the expiration of the UAW’s new contract with Ford. 

Investment and Innovation

Ford’s commitment to innovation and quality is further highlighted by their $1 billion investment. This funding ensures that the Kansas City plant will continue producing not only the Ford F-150 but also the E-Transit through its planned product cycle. Interesting to note, there could be a strategic shift with the second-generation E-Transit potentially moving to the Ohio Assembly plant. This move might pave the way for an “all new EV van” at the facility. 

Ford transit

The Future of Ford Transit

The Ford Transit, the E-Transit’s Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) counterpart, is set to continue its journey at the Kansas City plant. This decision is intriguing, given the common expectation for both Transit models to share production facilities. However, Ford’s strategy might be taking a different route. 

UAW and Ford

A Strong Partnership: In the backdrop of these developments, UAW Ford workers at four plants, including the Kansas City Assembly Plant, have ratified the tentative agreement with UAW. This agreement covers other plants as well, such as the Chicago Assembly plant, Michigan Assembly plant, and Buffalo Stamping plant. 

The Ford Transit’s story is one of resilience and adaptation. With strategic investments and a clear vision for the future, Ford ensures that this beloved model continues to meet consumer needs and industry standards. The Kansas City plant stands at the forefront of this exciting journey, promising to deliver quality and innovation for years to come. 



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