Free Performance Driving School with Any 2023 Explorer ST or Edge ST SUV

Ford ST SUV Experience

Here at Gary Crossley Ford, we have a few different flavors of SUV buyers.

Most folks who show up looking for a new SUV are looking for reliable transportation to get themselves, the groceries, and the kids from point A to point B in varying degrees of comfort, style, and maybe even a little luxury. You deserve it. Go on with your bad self.

And of course, we have SUVs for those customers who want something they can take out in the woods and just get filthy – hunting, camping, fishing, mud crawling, rock climbing, overlanding. Ford SUVs are the G.O.A.T if you’re into that sort of thing.

But some of our customers want an SUV that goes hard, goes fast, and looks good doing it. For those customers, we have the STs!

Ford ST SUV Experience

The 2023 Ford Edge and Explorer ST Performance SUVs at Gary Crossley Ford

These ain’t your great aunt Ethel’s grocery getters. These bad boys are wicked fast. The Explorer ST’s twin-turbo engine puts out 400 horsepower rocketing this full-grown three-row SUV from 0 to 60 in just 5.3 seconds. Yeah, there’s still plenty of room for Rover in the back, but you’ve got to buckle him in tight. Rapid acceleration and Puppy Chow are not a good mix.

Go fast. Look good. The Edge and Explorer ST are automotive works of art, and they look like they mean business because they do. From the Colorado-red brake calipers to the chrome quad exhaust tips exude the confidence of their Ford Performance heritage. Vroom vroom.

Inside the belly of the beast, these monster machines wrap you up in a cocoon of safety and performance technology that lets you push the limits without biting off more than you can chew because going fast doesn’t matter as much as getting home.

Ford ST SUV Experience

The Free Ford ST SUV Experience shows you how to drive your Edge or Explorer like you mean it.

Driving fast and living large. This event is a heck of a weekend.

It works like this: Buy a new Ford Explorer ST or Edge ST from Gary Crossley Ford and you get two tickets to paradise. 4-star hotels in either Park City, UT or Asheville, NC, gourmet dining, and two days of putting the pedal to the metal.

You don’t even have to bring your ride. We got you, boo.

The program provides all vehicles and professional driving instructors from the Ford Performance Racing School. They’ll take you on a deep dive exploring the technology and features that make the ST SUVs sing.

You and your guest will hop behind the wheel and put the vehicle through its paces. You’ll learn how to get the most out of your new ride, and push it right up to the precipice of its capabilities… and your nerve. You’ll learn about that as you rumble toward a 20-foot wall with explicit instructions to not touch the brakes no matter what happens. Bring extra pants is all we’re saying.

Lastly, you get to put your foot in the floorboard racing your road rocket around a timed course and competing against the other guests for bragging rights.

Experience The Crossley Difference

Did we mention how much the Ford ST SUV Experience costs?

You read that right. It’s F – R – double – E free. Zero. Zip. Nada.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and put your order in on a new 2023 Ford Explorer ST or Edge ST. Go ahead, do it now. We’ll wait. Or just click on that chat button over there. 

We’ll get the paperwork started, and you can start packing



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