Baby on Board : Ford Explorer is a Top Safety Pick SUV for Your Precious Cargo

Ford Explorer is top safety pick

September is National Baby Safety Month, and at hospitals across Kansas City, from St. Luke’s to Shawnee Mission, families are carrying their greatest joy out to the parking lot, staring at their old car, and deciding that automobile safety is now the most important thing on earth.

We agree.

The Ford Explorer is one of the safest vehicles on the planet for your new baby

And we’ve got the trophy case to prove it.

The IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) says the Ford Explorer is a Top Safety Pick. The Explorer got a 5-star safety rating in government crash tests performed by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The awards are great and all. Everybody likes trophies, but our favorite thing is new moms bringing their kids by the dealership in their Ford Explorer and telling us that they chose the Explorer because their mom brought them home in a Ford Explorer.  It was the SUV that changed the automotive world back then, and it’s only gotten better since.

The Ford Explorer’s advanced technology protects your family every time you sit behind the wheel

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how rapidly automotive safety technology has advanced. No, we don’t have flying cars like we were promised. We don’t even have cars that drive themselves yet, but many say we’re getting close.

What the 2023 Ford Explorer does have today, right now, is technology that will keep you and your baby safer than ever before:

Auto high-beam headlights keep the road well-lit by adjusting themselves as you round every dark corner. Once you have kids, there are no good surprises. It’s better to see everything sooner. Ford’s trademarked Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) with Cross Traffic Alert lets you know about any vehicles lingering where you can’t see them and even warns you of approaching cars invisible to you as you back out of your parking spot at HyVee. 

Our Pre-collision Assist with Automatic Emergency continually scans the road ahead searching for anything that could cause your baby harm. The system sounds a warning as you approach any dangerous objects, slower vehicles, or pedestrians who step into the road in front of you. And if the danger becomes imminent, your Explorer brakes itself. 

The Explorer’s Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control helps keep you in your lane in case you get distracted by, oh I don’t, a screaming baby and keeps your Explorer cruising at a safe speed and at a safe distance away from ongoing traffic.

If automotive safety is now your #1 priority, using this amazing tech to protect your family is an absolute no brainer.

See The 2023 Ford Explorer at Gary Crossley Ford and experience the Crossley difference

Here’s another no-brainer: choosing Gary Crossley Ford to help you transport your bundle of joy around Kansas City safely.  The staff here at the dealership has just as many awards as our cars and trucks do. We’ve got so many 5-star reviews on Google and Dealerrater that you’d think we were giving vehicles away, but we’re not. 

We just treat your family the way we want everyone to treat our family, and it turns out, people like that.



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