Ford Expedition is the Official SUV of Thanksgiving

2022 Ford Expedition

Pumpkin spice is in the air and it seems like it has been since the 5th of July.

Arrowhead is elbow to elbow with screaming football fans every weekend, and that slight nip in the air from a few weeks ago is getting to be a little more serious than just sweater weather. It’s fall, y’all

That means it’s almost time for you to cram yourself, your spouse, your kids, your dogs, 37% of all your worldly possessions, AND a green bean casserole into your car for the Thanksgiving trip to Grandma’s house. Ope!

Off you go to Knob Lick, Missouri and 5 hours of listening to the kids argue over who didn’t touch who first and whose turn it is to clean up after the dog who oddly enough doesn’t even like chili dogs and long car rides. Who knew?

We’re all in favor of family togetherness and whatnot, but sometimes you need a little room to spread out.

knob lick missouri

The Ford Expedition has comfortable seating for up to 8

Depending on which model and trim level you choose, the Ford Expedition from Gary Crossley Ford can seat 5 with enough room to play pickleball in the back or 7 if you opt for the super comfy 2nd-row captains chairs or 8 full grown adult human beings if Grandma doesn’t mind you bringing the whole neighborhood over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Even with almost a full baseball team inside, the Ford Expedition has plenty of room for luggage, electronics, and both boxes of vegan/gluten free/organic/free-range groceries your almost teenage daughter is now insisting is the only thing she’ll eat this year. 

And the turkey fryer. Uncle Bob will blow a gasket if you forget the turkey fryer again.

The Ford Expedition gets 23 miles per gallon on the highway.

The Expedition may be as roomy as a Greyhound bus, but it sips fuel nice and slow: 17 miles per gallon around town, 23 interstate miles per gallon for a combined 19 miles per gallon rating. That’s pretty impressive considering the sheer size of this thing. You can make it all the way to Knob Lick on a single tank of gas. That’s right, kids. No potty breaks, you better go now before we leave. I don’t care whether you have to go or not.

2022 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition Timberline takes this over the river and through the woods stuff seriously

I’m not sure if there is a beaten path in Knob Lick, Missouri, but if Grandma lives off of it, that’s still no problem for the off-road-ready Ford Expedition Timberline Model.

The Timberline edition comes equipped with a lifted suspension for extra ground clearance, 33” monster tires, and the same Trail Turn Assist system that Ford developed to make the Bronco the off-road beast that it is.

We’re not recommending this by any means. Still,  the Expedition Timberline makes for an excellent escape vehicle in case your inner introvert struggles with being packed in Grandmom’s tiny house with your crew, your brother and his new wife, your parents, your aunts & uncles, your cousins, and that one dude you don’t know who’s there with Cletus every year,

There’s a mud bog near Knob Lick with your name on it.

Come experience The Crossley Difference

All kidding aside, family is everything, and we’re grateful for so many, many things at Gary Crossley Ford.

Most of all we’re grateful to work in a dealership that appreciates, respects, and cherishes family and community. We really do treat the entire community like family, and we want you to leave here so happy after every visit that you can’t help but tell everyone else in your life about the experience.

Thank you for allowing us to help solve your transportation problems for another year, and tell Uncle Cletus we said hey.



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