Here Are the 3 Best Vehicles For Black Friday Shopping in Kansas City


We love our family too, but after a whole day of listening to Great Aunt Betty and Uncle Slayton argue over whether he needs to take his gout medication every 4 or every 6 hours, by Friday morning we’re ready to get out of the house.

And by the crowds expected at Kansas City malls and shopping centers on Black Friday so are you!

Gary Crossley Ford can’t do anything at all to improve your experience standing outside in the cold waiting for the stores to open or fighting the crowd of full-on screaming banshees as you rush toward the electronics department, and we do not know whether Uncle Slayton remembered to take his toe pills. 

We can, however, make everything about getting to and from the mall on Black Friday much, much better in one of these new Fords.

2022 Ford Maverick Xlt Hybrid Exterior 018 Front Three Quarters

The Ford Maverick is the not-so-heavyweight champion of finding a parking spot at the mall

Nimble. That’s a word you don’t often hear when you’re talking about pickup trucks, but the Ford Maverick is downright nimble. You can bob-and-weave through the heaviest Black Friday traffic with ease. While everyone else in their giant trucks and SUVs are crawling around the mall parking lot looking for a space they can squeeze into, you’ll already be parked and headed to bust down one of those doorbuster specials they keep talking about on TV. 

Don’t fret though, the Maverick has plenty of room for you to haul your bounty back home. Best of all, with an MSRP of around $20 grand and fuel efficiency pushing 50 miles per gallon, you’ll have so much extra Christmas cash to spend on Black Friday specials at Wally World!

2021 Expedition Black

The Ford Expedition – An SUV of Unusual Size for TVs of unusual size.

Have you seen the TVs they’re selling at Best Buy and Walmart for Black Friday? Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs a TV that large. TVs with 6+ foot screens – What’s up with that?

But then again, they’re practically giving them away. Everything on the news is inflation this and inflation that, but you can get a super duper mega flat screen TV with ultra 4k HD resolution that talks to you, and probably bakes cookies, for less money than your parents spent on the 26” boat anchor you had to watch growing up. Why wouldn’t you buy one?

And the Ford Expedition has all the room you need for all the TV you want.

2021 Ford Bronco Sasquatch Fender Flare Kit Exterior 001 Front Three Quarters

For times when less is more, the Ford Bronco is the absolute most.

Some of you aren’t really mall people, though, are you?

So you’ve got a choice to make. While the rest of the family is bum-rushing security guards at Independence Center on Friday, you can stay home and help Uncle Slayton count his gout pills, or you can head over the river and through the woods to someplace far, far away.

Whether you’re going hunting, hiking one last time before the real cold sets in, or you’re just anxious to not be on concrete, the Ford Bronco can get you there. It’s the G.O.A.T. 

Every Bronco is equipped with Ford’s proprietary Terrain Management System featuring up to 7 Goes Over Any Type of Terrain (G.O.A.T.) drive modes. 

It can get you to the mall if push comes to shove, but that’s not what it’s made for!

Come Experience The Crossley Difference

Here’s a secret about how we’re going to celebrate Black Friday at Gary Crossley Ford, every customer that buys a vehicle before noon we are going to put $500 cash* in their hand.

While everyone else is at the mall pushing and shoving, sweating and coughing all over each other to save $10 on a food mixer, you can walk away with a new vehicle and $500 cash at Gary Crossley Ford. You don’t even have to camp out overnight to save a place in line. We’re opening at 7am Black Friday so get here early.

We’ll be here ready to show you the Maverick, the Expedition, the Bronco, or any other vehicle you like, and you’ll save a lot more than $10 bucks.


*Not available to receive with Ford Plan pricing



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