Why Are There So Many Ford Escapes in the Liberty North High School Parking Lot?

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By Camey Crossley

There’s this thing that they taught us in school where someone tells you not to think about a purple rhinoceros and of course the only thing you can think of is a purple rhinoceros or when you get a song stuck in your head, and suddenly that song starts to pop up everywhere you go. 

Maybe it’s just something like that, but my friends and I at Liberty North High School started to notice how many of our friends and fellow students were driving Ford Escapes

parking lot

Once we noticed we couldn’t unsee it. They’re everywhere!

It got to be kind of a joke with us wondering who else was driving one. We took an impromptu, thoroughly unscientific poll in the cafeteria one day, and of course, not everyone drove an Escape, not even a majority did. There were a lot of trucks. The guys love their trucks, but out of the cars and SUVs, there were enough Escapes to make it interesting.

So we investigated further. 

The Ford Escape is the Goldilocks of SUVs.

Once we found out that so many of our friends and fellow students were driving Ford Escapes, we took it upon ourselves to find out why. Kind of like our own Scooby-Doo Detective Agency. Ruh Ro!

We asked everyone we could why they were driving a Ford Escape and the most common answer we got was that the Ford Escape wasn’t too big, and it wasn’t too small. It was just the right size.

It’s big enough that the parents feel safe letting their students drive. Smaller cars just seem to be outmatched by all the giant trucks and SUVs in Liberty. The Escape sits up high where you can see the road, and it’s big enough to feel like you have some extra protection surrounding you as you fight traffic into school every morning.  

On the other hand, it’s not so big that you feel like you’re driving a tank or an 18 wheel tractor-trailer into the parking lot. 

It’s easy to turn and it fits into the student parking spaces.

On the other, other hand (I know that’s three hands, but play along with me) the Escape is big enough that you can fit everything you need in it.

We talked to members of the golf team who like that they could get their bags in the back. Some members of the band told us that they had to take their instruments along when their parents bought their Escape just to make sure they fit. They did.

We only really heard one real negative thing about the Escapes.

A couple of girls complained that their parents had an app that could track their Ford Escape… even when they had their phones turned off. The parents were mostly Ok with that.

There may be one other reason there are so many Ford Escapes in the student parking lot at Liberty North High School, and it sits just across Eagle Drive: The Football Stadium

The Crossley Family Activity Complex at Liberty North High School

The Crossley Family Activity Complex at Liberty North High School

The Crossley family and Gary Crossley Ford are long-time boosters of Liberty North High School and Eagle athletics so maybe, just maybe, parents buy Ford Escapes from Gary Crossley Ford for their students because they like doing business with real people from their hometown. People they know they can trust. People they know are going to be there for them down the road because they’re literally just down the road.

Come to think of it, there’s another parking lot here in Liberty that usually has a lot of Escapes on it too. You guessed it.

Gary Crossley Ford, right here, in Liberty, MO!



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