Top 5 Features of the 2021 Ford Escape

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The 2021 Ford Escape is an agile crossover that’s taking the market by storm. It’s highly functional and packed full of features that you’ll enjoy. The 2021 version of the vehicle underwent a series of changes, and now it’s better and more powerful than ever. Let’s explore some of the new and staple features of the model.


5 Amazing Features of the 2021 Ford Escape


1. Updated Suite of Safety Features

The safety features have been upgraded in the 2021 version of the Ford Escape, so now they’re better than ever. There’s an enormous list of features that we could touch on that will make your journeys safer and easier. However, we’ll only mention a few of the ones that we feel are the best.

The pre-collision automatic emergency braking is particularly useful, and the active park assist can help you every day. One feature that stands out, in particular, is the voice-activated navigation system. Various competitors have a built-in navigation system, but not all of them are voice-controlled. You can keep your hands on the wheel in the Ford Escape, and let your navigation system talk you through your journey.


2. Head-Up Display

While the navigation system lets you keep your hands on the wheel, the head-up display lets you keep your eyes on the road. This automatically makes your journey safer, but it also adds convenience. The head-up display projects your vehicle’s important information onto your windshield. You can monitor various stats while you keep your eyes on the road. Keeping your eyes on the road can minimize accidents, so this is definitely a feature that we applaud.


3. Fuel Saving Ability

You save money when you use less fuel, and this means that you have to make fewer stops on long journeys. This is always a good thing, and in the Ford Escape, you can save fuel at the mere touch of a button. You can disconnect your vehicle’s rear driveline when you’re not using it, and that helps you save on fuel. If you need to enter all-wheel-drive mode, then simply reconnect the line with the touch of a button.



The Escape’s WAZE feature gives you the ability to communicate with other Ford drivers. You can give and receive traffic, accident, and road condition updates in real-time. You can also share routes with each other. All of this lets you avoid unfavorable circumstances and get to your destination faster. You can operate WAZE hands-free, so there’s no need to worry about being distracted while you’re driving.


5. The Cold Weather Package

We all hate the pain of freezing winter mornings where we can’t feel our fingers. The Ford Escape has a package that can help you overcome the issues that cold mornings bring. The package provides heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. There’s also a climate control feature with auto temperature control.

You can start your vehicle and the features remotely, and that ensures that your vehicle will be warm enough for you when you enter it.


Be sure to visit Gary Crossley Ford to get a look at the Ford Escape in person. Hop behind the wheel, take it out on the road, and see what you think.



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